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Sunday, November 27, 2016

White House Orders Armed Conflict, Recount and Censorship


  1. William--I see with some shock you don't check your resources before slandering Jill Stein! I see you are influencable by media or informants who don't do their checking. Jill has been steady within a system who has all but taken away her rights to run for an independent party and prevailed on a shoe string budget only because of her message that speaks to the heart of American's who see the difference between her and the oligarchy. By your crude summation she must be a Nazi--well where was the funding and support? Only now when she's asking for a legitimate recount? To the Clinton's she's a threat, and you know how they slander people. Now you are too! I am willing to bet you have never looked at her platform or watched one video--am I correct? I's not just Hillary or George Soros who wants a recount--the whole world would like to know the truth! So, please watch this one:

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