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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Title of Video: This Is The Best Streaming Device For Your TV!!

Description: Today we are reviewing the best streaming device for your TV by far, The "Tiger Stream".To buy the "Tiger Stream" please visit and use promo code "mount" for $75 off your purchase!

Voice Script - (while taking please show device in animation/graphic) nice presentation(pictures attached)

Hello guys today we are going to be reviewing the "Tiger Stream Micro Pc".  With this device you will never use Netflix, Hulu, Cable or Satellite TV ever again - all you need is a internet connection and a HD TV.  

The Tiger T4X is a Smart TV Box that is powered by Android that plugs into the HD port of your existing High Definition TV and turns your old tv into a fully functional, wide screen, home computer.  Perfect for family fun and entertainment that will keep everyone glued to the television set during off hours and rainy days.  

Basically, The Tiger Box transforms your old TV into a TV that has endless content available from movies, tv shows, sporting events all live and on demand viewing in High Definition with no monthly fees or subscriptions.  

There is no downtime or reprogramming like the satellite or Apple TV. No more popups, malware or viruses from streaming or illegally downloading from torrent websites. The Tiger Box does not download, copy , distribute any content it taps into. 

Tiger Stream avails itself of content that already exists on the internet and allows you to watch it through your TV. This is no different than an iPad , Apple TV, a laptop or any other streaming media device available. 

Tiger Stream engineers are in constant development to provide you with the most current up to date  firmware updates. 

They offer an extended 1 to 2 year full factory warranty and Insurance options for your peace of mind.

What is different about Tiger and why should you buy one?
Tiger Stream invests in proprietary software that is exclusive to its customers ONLY. 

 Certain applications can only be found on Tiger Stream that are not available on any other streaming device i.e. Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chrome etc....  

These apps access private servers that allow its customers to stream without any interruption or buffering.  I recommend this device to SERIOUS streamers only who want to enjoy streaming with NO interruptions in High Definition quality!  

Another main reason to buy Tiger Stream is that it is only a "one time" fee, their are no monthly bills or subscriptions to use Tiger.  With all the content this device can access it literally pays for itself in a few months! 

 Streaming is a growing industry and it's just going to be getting bigger over the course of time.  If you are someone that enjoys quality and wants to stream content without any interruptions or buffering than this device is for you. 

They also offer grade "A" tech support and customer service that I rate a 5 out of 5 stars compared to other streaming boxes out there! 

Tiger Stream Specs - 
For all my technical fans, here are the specs -
(See attached spec sheet and run through specs you feel your users will think is important)
How can you get one? 
Visit and use promo code "mount" to receive a special promotion of $75 off your order.  Their is a 30 day money back guarantee if for some reason you are not happy, but trust me guys, you will be very happy with this device and it will NOT leave your possession. 


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