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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Elites In Total Confusion - Tough Times Ahead



It appears the New World Order folks are in total turmoil after the Election of Donald Trump

They had literally banked on the plans of Hillary to destroy the boarders of the United States and bring about their dream of destroying America and initiating their plan to kill 6.5 Billion People.

Well --- someone from outside the United States - some “Out Of Towners” literally stopped their Elite Little Plans in mid stream didn’t they???

(((For the last 3 days I have been meeting with the representatives of those people from OUT OF TOWN.

Good things are coming - but there may be come rough roads in the near future so hang on)))

In response to possible win by Donald Trump US Secretary of State went to the US Top Secret Base just below the southern tip of South America, along with a representative of all 13 banking families, 7 November to get help from the Old NAZIs Regime and their allies (Short Grays) to help ensure Hillary’s win in this US election.

The Old NAZIs were not impressed and were - shall we say - called upon to act.

Upon being “ORDERED” to leave the base by these NAZIs in Antarctica John Kerry #2 left with his TAIL BETWEEN HIS LEGS and arrived at the US Main Intelligence Base for the Pacific Theater at Christ Church New Zealand the evening of 11 November and took on a Hotel Room above ground as he is Claustrophobic.

The next morning,  12 November at 6:02 Local time, he received his answer: the Intelligence Office below his feet was destroyed in an 7.8 Earthquake. He broke silence with the NAZI Folks to try and steal back an election and they were very upset.

So now the Elites are in total turmoil - fighting amongst themselves ---selling stocks here, dumping bonds there, sending weapons around the world to create total Havoc and are now funding Riots across the world.

In the mean time - this coming Very Cold Weather may send many of these rioters inside as Freezing Rain is not conducive to Paid Rioters - even at $40 an hour.

In the mean time, in an attempt to stay alive, President Obama is touring Europe to stay away from the White House Staff as can be evidenced by the Riots that happen every place he goes. The world now hates President Obama and his Elites buddies.

President Obama  is not to return to the White House until after the 17th - upon which the threat to his life  will be gone until ….

Finally - for the First Time In History - more people are watching the Alternative Press than are actually watching Main Stream Media which includes TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers - they are all dying on the vine.

So hang on folks - it could get rough over the winter.

Stock up and prepare.

YOU - the Viewer and Reader - are making the difference.

Thank You

Please pray that your families are ready for what is coming.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount



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So how did Hezbollah get us weapons Hillary???

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