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Thursday, November 24, 2016




While we sleep and rest forces of Satanic Libtards are at work.

Today, after 28 years of abject Liberalism (Nazhoinnal Zozhaleesm - NAZI) we find the Middle East is a total mess

What you hear and see this morning may shock you.

The world is not what it seems. It is run by the ELITES, Big Money and Mercenary Armies of Hit Men that number in the hundreds of thousands.

Suppose you pay someone $20,000 a month tax free, free medical and free dental and have around 100,000 that runs around $24 Billion a year - peanuts for the Elites and you can control nay situation.

In Afghanistan, for example the cost of a Mercenary is only around $10 a day. So to hire 10,000 people runs about - including food and weapons - $200,000 a month.

So what happens when someone challenges you, like the Clinton’s  challenging the election of Donald Trump through Communists like Jill Stein????

In Internal War among the Elites - it is not pretty.

It appears that a Hidden Government - those behind the Rothchild Satanic NAZI Group - the ones who run the bankers - have been planning death and destruction ever since they were thrown out of what the Bible describes as Heaven.

Today we learn that the Knight’s Templar Pick for President - Donald Trump - now has the support of the CIA and Black Water along with the King of the United Arab Emirate.

See Map

Apparently most of the Kings of the Middle East are secretly uniting with President Elect Donald Trump simply because the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama NAZI Regime has recently thrown these leaders under the bus - abandoned them.

As American Oil comes closer and closer the market (IE Texas Oil, North Dakota Oil) these oil companies will undercut Middle Eastern Oil by between 50 - 90% in price. These Middle Eastern Oil Barons these see the end of their Regimes. They have all been double crossed by these NAZIs.

So now we see the former head of Black Water forming another Mercenary Army to support Donald Trump as the New President.

Now we see the Second side - the Clinton/Bush/Obama NAZI Clan  - fighting for power and control and while you sit back eating Turkey are now attempting to steal the election through:

1) Recounts - which would discover the over 53,000,000 illegal made up Hillary Votes.  Since Jill Stein - the Green Party Candidate Communist Candidate - is using Clinton Foundation Monies to sue in court - she and those behind the Recount must expose these 53 million Fake Votes.

That is correct - Hillary only got around 10 Million Votes legally according to Real Exit Polls.

After the “REAL RECOUNT”  this means that those involved will be guilty of Treason by knowingly trying to sway an election illegally.

2) Terrorizing the Electors before their final vote on 19 December. Since all states have certified the elections any attempt to change the final vote would again be treasonous - something the Clintons are well aware of and feel they are above prosecution.

If you are an Electorite then keep a record of those who contact you on Facebook and by phone and when the Tribunals start - they will be prosecuted.

All Negative Calls and those who threaten you through Emails, Texts, Facebook and Twitter Accounts are currently being traced and when the prosecutions begin they will be brought to justice.

So please keep praying that these Anti-American NAZIs are forever squashed and immobilized for all eternity.

Keep up your vigil and keep your family ready for anything.

It ain’t over until President Elect Trump is inaugurated 20 January 2016.


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  1. O mundo esta em pé de guerra pela imposição midiática neoliberal, e acho que Trump esta equivocadamente sendo influenciado por Obama o pai das guerras, mas acredito que Trump não se deixara dominar por esses reacionários e surpreenderá o mundo com seu governo, e o que existe é um golpe da Elite igual fizeram no Brasil pedindo o fora Dilma para deslegitimar seu Governo, e Aécio não aceitou perder as eleições e fizeram muito barulho para derrubar a nossa Presidente com apoio da Elite e da midia e Judiciário, e bancado por Obama e a Cia visando as riquezas do nosso País e de toda a America Latina!

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