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Sunday, November 6, 2016



VIDEO: Spirit Dinner News Hides UN Announcement To Destroy US Economy - YouTube

Ephesians 6:12 (Greek) Not is our conflict against blood and flesh but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the World Rulers of darkness, against the spiritual hosts of evil in the heavenlies. Therefore take the armor of  GOD in order that you can resist in the day of evil and in all things stand.

What we have been saying about these Demons Possessed Human Sacrificing is now all being exposed.

The current Emails calling for  a Sprit Dinner from Marina Abranovic to Tony Podesta that they, and John Podesta, attended should be enough proof that these are Human Sacrificing Satanists.

This will, of course, generate enormous amounts of Trolls on the comment section.

The fact that Chelsea tapped into the Clinton Foundation Moneys for her wedding is only a sign of a Lawless group running the US Corfporation.

The Story that ISIS - funded by President Obama - is calling for massive killings in America came from the India Times, owned by the Sahu Jain family who have a family member on the Indian Rothchild’s Round Table - those who answer directly to the Rothchild’s Round Table in London.

So the Baron Rothchild orders the directors of the US Corporation to fund ISIS and ISIS randomly kills Americans.

Baron Rothchilds also ordered this attack on Hillary - for fun. He, and his demons, feed off of the anger. His Jesuit Controlled Religion of Islam - 90% never read the Koran - just follow along like good little murderers in the name of Allah. A great resource to create terror.

So while we are all focused on the Satanic Rituals of Hillary and her staff the United Nations slips in some pretty nasty rules to take control of who gets to have factories and who does not.

Yesterday the Head of the United Nations announced that the Paris Protocols of 2015 are now in full effect.

These came form the Kyoto Protocols of 1998.

These Kyorto Protocols came from  Montreal Protocols of 1987.

Once the Montreal Protocols were singed the Signature Nations (Corporations) must now obey their masters in the United Nations. No further approvals are necessary.

So you see - there have been US Presidents who have been selling us out since President Regan. It does not matter what party they are in - they must all obey their masters in the United Nations, who obey their owners Baron Rothchild, who worships Satan (Lucifer).

So even if Donald Trump is elected he must follow his Masters. He does not stand alone.

This fight between Hillary and Donald is real, and no doubt Hillary hates the Military and Freedom, but there might not be much changes even if Donald is elected.

It is all Corporate Law. Of course - only us Little People must follow their laws.

Pray and arm yourself with the Full Armor of GOD.

Prepare your family for what is coming - this is why we are now focusing on how to save $$$$ Money when preparing, and pray that LOVE and GRATITUDE is sent to every drop of water drank at the White House for the next 5 days.
The News You Need

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