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Thursday, August 4, 2016

US Dollar Unwinding World Wide


Video: US Dollar Unwinding World Wide - YouTube

It appears that the US Financial System is unwinding

1) Jim Willie stated a few day ago that on the major trading Platforms the US Dollar is no longer desired

2) Benjamin Fulford stated 3 days ago in his video that the Red Dragons expect things to begin to unwind here in the US this month

The European Banks are also unwinding as stocks were suspended for an Italian Banks called Unicredit. A few hours later the Italian Government  send them around several Billion Dollars to prop them up

The US has, within the last 8 years, funneled around $40 Trillion to it’s failing banks - and around 90% of it has gone into the pockets of the CEOs and their boards

Now - how does a bank make money???

a) It loans money. Say it loans out $100,000  it them resells the money to Fannie Mae and yields around $90,000 in Pure Profit out of thin air.

b) It lends out in Credit Cards at an average rate of 20%. So if you borrow $10,000 you pay them $2,000 in interest every year.

c) If a Credit Card Defaults they are insured and get paid in full PLUS you must pay them back as well. Double Indemnity - which is illegal.

d) When a house goes into foreclosure the owner of the loan - Usually Fannea Mae - gets paid in full by the Mortgage Company AND a bank then comes after you for a loan that no longer exists - it’s called Extortion - and the Judges Order this.

e) A Bank can borrow from the Federal Reserve or Treasury art almost 0% and then buy US Treasury Bonds at around 2.3% - so lets say I had a Bank Charter. I could borrow $1 Billion in US Treasury notes and the n buy $1 Billion in US Treasury Notes at 2.3% and earn a whopping $23 Million per year off of the Tax Payer.

So how does a bank go broke?

The CEO and Board of Directors steal it - they illegally authorize themselves so many bonuses they bankrupt the bank, or the Obama Administration simply walks in a seizes the bank for their assets.

We have already discussed how the Obama Administration is currently seizing ALL Banks under $1 Billion In Assets. It is called theft.

So how are our banks???

Well - here we go:::

“The Federal Reserve no longer serves the public”

US Treasury is the Federal Reserve - they have merged

US Banks - in big trouble…..

Wells Fargo - No foreign currency, especially the Iraq Dinar

American Express - Go to the airport tellers

Lloyds Bank - Not open in Houston

Citibank - not exchanging Foreign Currency

US Banks - go to Travel X --- No luck

US Treasury - Seattle - same as the Federal Reserve Numbers

Spoke with an “Old Friend” who works for the US Treasury - go exchange your foreign currency down town at “Joes” coin chop.


My Ruble Experience at my local bank:

I bought them and then they refused to exchange them a year later because they were “Old Rubles”

Foreign Currency Exchanges are hereby cancelled with the exception of the exchanges at the Airports`

The US Dollar is toast Worldwide

Like Putin Said: “Either Obama is completely incompetent or he is doing every thing in his power to destroy America.”

We never thought We would see the Dollar Collapse in my life time, nor did I ever think I would see a Fascist Pig in the White House and another one on the way who is having seizures.

The entire Ponzie Scheme of FIAT Currency is Propped up with “Digital Currency” created on a Computer - when this stops expanding the will all unwind very quickly.

All estimates are that within 1 year the Dollar will be worth 10 cents.

Pray that you and your families are ready folks. We may have some “Out Of Town” help - maybe, but do not count on it.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

UniCredit calls for EU leniency over Italy bank bailouts -

New Unicredit Bank Building:::

Italy's UniCredit shares SUSPENDED as banking crisis grows | City & Business | Finance | Daily Express

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

FRB: Federal Reserve Districts and Banks

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Sold Out 100%

The New $20 will feature HarrietTubman

Harriet Tubman, full-length portrait, standing with hands on back of a chair.

The New $10 will feature women who pushed for suffrage like the Witch Susan B Anthony as a GOD:

Susan B. Anthony c. 1908

The New $5 will Feature Martin Luther King Jr:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking.


Modern Money

This may be a Smoke Screen for the collapse of the Dollar as the Yuan begins to add SDR Gold Backed Notes to the IMF International Monetary SDRs for International Debt Settlements and the US Dollar goes away.

Goto the Golden Jackass - Jim Willie's recent interviews and website for more information. Jim believes the Dollar will go up and up and up and explode and then be replaced by the New US Treasury "Shit" Dollar.

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