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Monday, August 15, 2016

This Is YOUR Media Outlet


Video:... This Is YOUR Media Outlet - YouTube

You input in the Comment Section of these videos drive where we go with our stories. We read many of them and we even go to the banned comments.

These comments tell us what YOU, the viewe,r want to hear about.

This is the ONLY channel we have ever found where YOU,  the Viewer, has input into both our written stories and our videos

Many of these comments, banned by Google from posting, have important links to other stories.

The only agenda here is to stop Nuclear False Flags and the assassination of Key Figures (Like Obama, Trump. Putin, Etc)  that would lead to a Civil War and thus Nuclear War.

We went to

1) PBS a few days ago and found out that the Public Broadcasting System takes Tax Payers Dollars and then replays the shows they are allowed to play - no public input there.

2) Public Access TV - well - we did that for 2 ½ years as a News Broadcasters and my neighbors gave me many of the stories - but we were the exception. Every other program on Public Access had an agenda. We were so controversial they FBI closed the station and moved it to Seattle Community College, which now has only about 350 viewers.

3) We have a friend who works as a Camera Man for a Major TV and Radio Station in Seattle - He does not even have any input in the actual news they broadcast.

4) Radio Stations - try to get your Real Opinion out through the Screeners - forget it. Almost all Radio Stations have screeners and you are lucky to even get through.

4) Newspapers - in 95% of the cases their editorial section is done by Paid Employees, You have NO input there.

5) Magazines - Try to get through with an Editorial Comment in Good Housekeeping or National Geographic. Good luck. The articles I submitted to Home Power - a great little magazine - were re-written and edited. They did a great job but in the end it was not “MY” article.

6) Try commenting on Facebook with Newspapers, TV and Radio Stations, and Magazines. With a few exceptions - even their Facebook Pages are dead. Even if you do make a comment no one will read it.

7) Here - on this video channel and in the written articles YOUR Opinion drives us

Almost 95% of our stories come from YOU, the viewer.

The only stories we do is the Intel Briefs - and in these brief I ask them the questions YOU ask me.

What this means is here, on this video channel,  YOU have input.

YOUR opinion is important and without YOUR input these videos would be boring.

YOU have to know that YOU have a voice.

YOU are important in the eyes of GOD.

Thank you each and every one of you for participating in YOUR channel.

For You Intel Geeks:

Two days ago someone rushed the stage where Hillary was speaking - just like we said - but the Secret Service was ready.

Trump - expect another attempt on your life in 3 days. You are still ahead of Hillary by 60 points and her doubles are breaking down.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


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