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Thursday, August 18, 2016


She is so Evil.

Video: Intel Report, Hillary's Brain Is Fried - YouTube

As you read this pray that the Evil is exposed and that the Key Players turn back to GOD and Stand Down.

First - lets start with the fun stuff and talk about the woman everyone loves to hate.

Hillary seems to be suffering from the results of a Blood Clot in her brain behind her right ear, which is why she apparently has double vision and wears Prism Glasses.

In reality the chips in her head are breaking down - her and all 3 of her doubles. This may explain why the Secret Service secured 3 hospitals two days ago and why she has cancelled all speaking engagements.

Hillary, and her 3 doubles, must be simultaneously worked on in the 11/22 Artificial Intelligence Computing Systems in her brain.

We believe a 5th double - the one that looks about 35 year old - will handle her fund raising appointments.

She, or one of her doubles,  is expected to be ready for a debate with Trump on 26 September 2016.

We need to pray that she, and her doubles, recover quickly ad turn to the Living GOD immediately.

In other news:

1) The 7th Fleet has backed off of a shooting war in the South Chinese sea - apparently some “OUT OF TOWNERS” “Convinced” the US Fleet to stand down.

2) The 4th US Fleet is prepping for a complete societal break down in the Middle East.

3) We need to set up a system to water the Sanai Peninsula NOW, there can be no delay. Lakes and rivers must be set up to move Muslim Refugees to NOW.. There needs to be a place with water and farms for them to move to.

The consequences to the NWO and their “Fallen Angels” for not initiating this process immediately will be severe, so says the I AM That I AM, who was, and is, and is to come.
4) Since 1980 the CIA has been putting out stories about Niburu destroying Planet Earth in 6 months.  Think about it.

5) This Financial Crisis will be drug along just as long as the NOW can - they enjoy suffering and pain. One side wants Financial Recovery, the other side wants Total Economic Collapse - Anarchy. So they banter back and forth - Hillary (1-4) vs. Trump, Christians vs. Muslims,  white vs. blacks….

It is in the pain where they draw their strength.

6) Economically - we are living in the land of the Woo Woo - Stock Market UP, Dollar Up, Gold Up - the land of Woo Woo, make believe. Nothing is real - it is all artificially run around us.
7) Traitor John McCain is behind by 25 points to his Republican Rival, so watch the Republican Voter Fraud in Arizona to nominate McCain.

8) In 7-9 days the Hillary Handlers will send in a runner to try and steal another pistol and shoot a Trump Double on stage and then shoot himself in the head.

9) Over the next month Bernie Supporters will move into Hillary Rally’s - oh wait - she has cancelled all her Political Rally’s.
10) By 14 September there are 10 more cities where the Blacks must be inflamed by a shooting - except - many of the Blacks are waking up to the fact that this is meant to Round Them Up and send them to FEMA Camps.

These “Black Riots” are being funded out of the New York City and Orlando CIA Headquarters located in the “Fusion Centers.”

2 October is coming quickly and the Debt has not been cancelled in the last year of Jubilee.

11) More earthquakes for Southern Californian in an attempt to unlock the San Andreas Fault Line out of San Francisco as the rays form the sun intensify.

12) Hillary, and all her doubles, are currently Short Circuiting now - we saw this beginning in 3 days but now, without her meds - it has already begun.

13) Forces loyal to the FASCIST Obama Regime will begin to blow (Fires) in factories in India as they begin trading with China in Gold Backed Yuans - Rimnimbies.

14) In addition, the US will try and funnel weapons into yet another province of India to break it away from India. This may be the Arunachai Pradesh. China watch their North West Boarder near Monigong - although how one smuggles weapons through these mountains is beyond me.

15) Either way - the US will now place huge pressure on India for trading without the use of the US Dollar.
16) Russia - we have the “CURE” for this 90 Million Year Old virus now being released in Siberia and you know it.

17) A US Carrier will screw with the Russians in the next 30 days and need to be pulled out of action. The Admiral In Charge is loyal to the Fascist Obama Regime and is trying to start a war. So what else is new.


There was a shooting at a McDonald’s involving a 15 year old black kid only 6 blocks form the US Supreme Court. Maybe they need to clean up their own city before imposing their perverted laws on us?

OK - TMI -

Pray that you and your family are ready and prepared for whatever comes your way.

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US Secret Service “Swarms” Top Hospitals As Hillary Clinton Brain Surgery Fears Rise

The Prism Glasses - she has double vision and needs these glasses to see straight.

The Pen with Her "Doctor"

Bill and Hillary - if you come for\ward now we can fix you both.....

15-year-old arrested in shooting at McDonald's near Verizon Center |

15-year-old arrested in shooting at McDonald's near Verizon Center |

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