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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trump Leads Hillary By 60 Points, Independent Study


Video:Trump Leads Hillary By 60 Points, Independent Study - YouTube

My entire childhood was spend learning about polling from my father.

We discussed over and over again the methods used to conduct a Scientific Poll. My fingers got warn out dialing from a Black Rotary Wall Mounted Phone.

For many  years I spent the Summer in the woods as a Forester and the winter conducting Polls

Several things we learned in those years - especially my early years: People like Georgie Gallop - they would lie for money - Especially Mr. Nielson who does the TV ratings.

As for the Kennedy Election - completely rigged from the inside - so many Dead People voted and the Real Polls - both before the election and the Exit Polls - showed this discrepancy. Completely CIA Rigged.

Richard Nixon was told by his Handlers not to sue and that he would be President in a few years - “let the dust settle.”

Fast forward 56 years and we are involved in an election that would over turn the existing Bush Drug Lords if Trump is elected.

Not one real poll - so we decided to do our own Independent Poll among voters who are not only registered to vote but are legally allowed to vote

Roughly - 70% are voting for Trump

Roughly 10% are voting for Hillary

(((((Almost all Bernie voters (80% of all Democrats) are voting against Hillary - they are very angry))))

Roughly 20% of Eligible Registered Voters have not decided - even after watching Hillary have 2 Seizures on stage and screaming she will raise taxes on the Middle Class

One thing about the Hillary Voters - all 10% of them -  they tend to love Government Hand Outs.

Several Notes Here:

1) Since most voters know that Hillary/Obama plan to cut Social Security by 20% and conduct Bank Bail Ins - (CIA Theft of 20% of your Money in both Banks and Savings and Loans Nation Wide) anyone who works for a living, or collects Social Security, or has any savings in any accounts, “HATES” Hillary

2) Again - Illegal Aliens unable to vote overwhelmingly will vote (Yes - they will vote) for Hillary to keep their checks coming in


So - we pray for Hillary and Trump - that they both turn back to GOD immediately.

Pray your families are ready for what may come - a Hurricane, CIA Created Natural Disasters and Power Outages, etc.

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Dr William B. Mount

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