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Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary Has Second Seizure On Camera


Video: Hillary Has Second Seizure On Camera - YouTube

The Democratic Socialist Party’s Nominee For President Has Had A Second Seizure On Camera?

Apparently after the Speech she gave at the Democratic National Convention she had a second seizure on Camera

Why anyone would push for the nomination of a person who is openly having seizures is beyond the pale - insane really.

Can you imagine her in the middle of Nuclear Negotiations and she has a Major Seizure???

Can you imagine the Russians, Chinese, Germans or even French  seriously hosting her in Nuclear or Economic Negotiations with seizure problem?

If that is not bad enough  - she has a Hole in her tongue.

There are only 3 reasons a person would have a hole in their tongue

1) They are not Human

2) Biopsy for Oral Cancer

3) Biopsy for Oral Cancer and HPV - a Sexually Transmitted Disease that that, like most deadly disease, can cause cancer

She may have a Venereal Disease that is incurable, unstoppable, and is tearing her body up.

There is another  possibility for Hillary‘s Seizures.

When I was an Ambassador I was briefed on a Special type of Computer Chipping inserted into Political Figures and their doubles like Hillary called the 11/22 Computer. It is an artificial program inserted into the brain and tends to break down at age 45-60. The process can be stopped and damage to the brain reversed.

All politicians - all 4 (Or More) Hillary’s are interconnected by this 11/22 Artificial Computer installed into the brain so if one has seizures they will all have seizures.

Hillary - We can reverse that but she would have to come forward and allow us to help you.

Yes - after all the Hell she has created - we can reverse her Physical Problems - but she would have to humble herself and come. That is not likely. Still???

My personal guess - she is too High and Mighty to come forward.

These recent actions by Hillary, and the very distinct possibility that she may be Appointed President of the United States Corporation

A Mentally unfit person who demands Nuclear War dozens of times in her Private Emails scares the rest of the world with even the possibility she will lead a nation with over 60,000 Nuclear Weapons.

In fact - it scares the rest of the world so much they are moving ahead to isolate the United States as much as they possibly can - Economically, Socially, Physically…..

Please keep in mind that 2 October begins the New Jewish Year and the Last Year of Jubilee ends - the LAST  year of Jubilee - and there has been no move to follow GOD’s law to cancel all debts.

So in the minds of these leaders they must crash the economy and begin the Full Scale Nuclear War on, or before, 1 October 2016

In a very scary scenario - German Tanks are now moving into Poland for the first time since World War 2 and headed to exactly where we said they would go - Central Poland - preparing to “Rescue” Polish from the Evil Russians.

It is all unfolding just like we showed all of us back in January in a video.

Hillary may simply be a distraction - and a darn good one at that.

Still - we pray Hillary and Billary turn back to the Living GOD immediately
Please pray that they fail in all they do and pray that YOUR families are fully prepared for what is coming.

Really pray that your family is prepared for what is coming - and it is coming fast.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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