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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hillary's Phone Calls Hacked


Video:...Hillary, One Ringy Dingy, Her Phone Calls Released - YouTube

This is correct. All of Hillary’s phone calls are being released.

What a News Day - so follow along closely and prepare to be wowed:

AA) Emails Released

The Emails of the following were released

1) Hillary
2) Traitor John McCain
3) George Soros
4) NSA
5) Obama’s Emails are about to be released as his Facebook and Twitter Accounts were just hacked.

This means the details of every Hillary weapons sale, from the First Gulf War in Iraq to the last war in Syria - it is all begin exposed.

Her Funneling of $100 Billion through her nonprofit Corporation is also about to become Public Knowledge - who got what money and why.

Nothing is Sacred and there is NO HONOR among thieves

The evils of the United States Corporation are being laid bare for the public to see.

Senator Reigel’s Report pointing a finger at Hillary for killing 200,000 Veterans with Microplasma Ingognitas from the Gulf Wars - Exposed in her calls


You know what is so funny about this release of phone calls is that - if the CIA or FBI forced my Supreme Court Case they could plug the hole and maybe re-secure the Emails and Phone Calls.

The CIA/NSA/FBI and Army Intelligence are powerful, but not Street Smart.

By the way - I had leaned how to hack any Facebook or Email program - it is all in the Autobatches. I had to learn because the CIA/FBI and Army Intelligence out of Afghanistan 12 miles south of  Kabul hacked my Emails and Facebook and Twitter Accounts and changed my passwords so I had to get in and change them.

It more fun to watch some one else release the Info though.

Hacking Phone Calls - well, that technology was given to Russia by some Out Of Towners I am only aware of.

BB) Yet another Hillary Murder

Unfortunately - Hillary’s Handlers are still murdering openly as Julian Assange’s Attorney has been found dead

CC) California Governor Moon Beam is going nuts with FASCIST Laws that are allowing his citizens to be openly Raped and Murdered

1) First - SB 277 Forces all children attending Public Schools to be vaccinated. If you are on Welfare you must send your children to Public Schools and they will be dumbed down by the Drugs in the Mandatory School Lunches and Vaccinations.

2) Second - California is about to pass the “California Pedophile Protection Act” making it a crime to expose the Beating, Rapping and Murdering of Patients in any Rest Home or Hospital.

So you get your welfare Check but condemn your children to a Life of Hell.

What this means is that if you film or tape a rape, murder or beating and expose it YOU go to jail.

However - as an Ambassador I may expose it so if you film a Rape, Murder or Beating send the Video to me and I will expose it.

You forgot about that, didn’t you Governor Moon Beam?

DD) One million Dollar Bounty offered for Hillary’s Real Medical Records by  “”True Pundit”” and a Catheter Tube was just filmed running down  Hillary’s right Leg during a Campaign Speech.

OK - Enough Information

Pray that those murdering Hillary’s Opponents are either removed form Planet Earth or they turn towards GOD.

Pray also that your family is prepared for what is coming.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Hillary Clinton wears a catheter? | Fellowship of the Minds

Hillary's Pace Maker and Catheter

Hillary's back

Catheter and Hyped Up On Uppers
Hillary Clinton catheter

One Million Dollar Award For Hillary's Health Records

True Pundit: Unprecedented $1 Million Bounty For Hillary Clinton Medical Records | True Pundit

First Seizure - or Short Circuit


Doctor With Injection Pen

Hillary Being Walked Up Stairs:

Notice Her Doctor:

My Veterans Hillary's Handlers Killed:

Image result for Dead US Troops from iraq ofrm diseases

Lesbian Legislator Promotes Pedophile Protection Act in California: Schwarzenegger Presented Bill for Signature - Research - Chalcedon

Bill Text - SB-277 Public health: vaccinations.

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