Saturday, April 28, 2018

Political Correctness, Paid For By You The Tax Payer


(915) Political Correctness: Paid For By You The Tax Payer - YouTube


Brought to you by Noble Gold.

Maybe it’s time to convert some of  your savings to Gold and Silver?

In a stunning new report it was revealed exactly where political correctness came from.

What you are about to see will stun you.

This is an Intricate and Meticulous plan put forth by Lucifer and funded through the English Crown, the Vatican and the Rothchilds Bankers to bring about a Godless Society of around 500 Million Humans to serve Lucifer’s Elites.

So as we go through this pray that ALL of Lucifer’s Workers are completely and permanently immobilized immediately.

During the Industrial Revolution in Britain people became slaves to Time Clocks - often working 12 hour shifts for next to nothing while the Government Sponsored Company Owners lived like Kings.

These long hours - often 80 hours a week, broke the families up and broke the industrial workers faith in GOD.

Knowing this the British Government ordered a New Paradigm to be created Mass Mandatory Government Education Camps known as Schools and indoctrinated the children that there is no GOD and to trust in the Government as their GOD.

In comes Carl Marx, a man exiled from his home country of Germany, and sponsored by a very wealthy wife, put out a piece of Literatures called the “Communist Manifesto” in 1848.

Sponsored by the English Royalty  a man named Charles Darwin plagiarized Patrick Mathews Book and claimed we came from Monkeys through a process of Natural Selection and that GOD did not exist. He put out the book called “The Origin Of Species” in 1860.

Both of these men claimed to worship Lucifer in their later writings although it is rumored that before Darwin’s death her repented - too late to  reverse the damage he had down.

Fast forward to the early 1900’s when the US lent Japan enormous amounts of money and steel to build a Navy to challenge Russia in the East leading to the Russo-Japanese in 1904-1905 war where over 250,000 Russian Soldiers were captured by the Japanese and retrained to be Godless Communists using US Tax Payer’s Dollars.

After the war these Prisoners were escorted back to Russia and given Jobs where they could spread their Godless Lies.

In 1917 Vladimir Lennin
 was transported on a Special Rothchild Owned Train from France to Russia through Germany in a time of War to lead a New Russian Revolution.

All Across Russia the Red Cross was then used to escort in trainloads of money to pay these Japanese/US Trained Revolutionaries to  destroy Czar Alexander of Russia (As the Masons Had Planned According To Albert Pike) and implement a Godless Dictatorship that literally burned  large number of churches and took education away from the churches and implemented mandatory State Schools claiming GOD was merely a Myth.

To add to this the “Frankfurt School” in Frankfurt Germany - Financial Headquarters of the Vatican for over 1,000 years at that time -  began spreading the philosophy of ‘Cultural Marxism” beginning in 1923.

After Adolf Hitler took power in Germany in 1933 he sent these “Communists” lock, stock and barrel to Columbia University in New York City to act as a Hub for this new Godless Philosophy of Communism.

Initially funded by the NAZI’s this Godless Communist Group managed to secure grants form the Federal Government to continue their work here in America.

The idea is to topple the US Government and install a Godless Communist Society to produce an army of Slaves for the Lucidarian Elites.

So what we see today - the censoring of the Internet, the mass take over of the Media and the worthless music that is now foisted upon us is all now being put forth by Lucifer and his minions and pushed by Colleges, Universities and NGO’s owned by people like George Soros and funded by OUR TAXES.

So now we have idiots like Bernie Sanders, who has supported himself off of his own Government Grants and has now taken several billion dollars of OUR TAX DOLARS, so can pay for his speeches - recently declaring a Universal Government  Job Program for every American at $15/hour.

Further - Freddie Mac just announced that they are now issuing Home Loans - backed by OUR TAX DOLLARS  - to anyone without any down payment and can and without an income requirement.

The 3% down payment can be waived if you are not a White Male.

So until President Trump begins arresting these murdering treasonous individuals and cuts of the Federal Dollars  - Your Tax Dollars - to these Godless Lucifarians this evil will continue to grow and grow and the open threats to Conservatives an the President will also grow.

As a side note - the Temple of Lucifer that Yeshua discusses in Revelations - now resides in Berlin at the “Temple of Pergamon - except hose artifacts stolen by the Russians after WW2 and brought to Moscow.

Please pray that President Trump has a change of heart and begins arresting those individuals who have openly committed murder and treason.


1) Yesterday the Canadian Stock market ceased to function - the TV monitors simply went dead.

The original story broke on Zero Hedge but was quickly pulled off by Lucifarians at Google - like they do to so many stories.

Reuters - a Google Controlled Agency - then published a story claiming it was just a power outage


Canada as a Nation is in Huge Trouble. Not only do they have no Gold their Personal Debt to Income Ration now sis at around 150%.

When this Market Crash hits Canada will be hit very hard.

2) And yet another Wells Fargo Bank Scandal.

Overseen by the US Treasury “Comptroller of Currency” it has just been revealed that this bank has been allowed to:

1) Illegally charged enormous amounts of charges to those who borrowed from them,

2) Created millions of False Bank Accounts using YOUR Social Security Numbers,

3) They also seized vehicles belonging to the military while they were making their car payments while they were serving overseas,

4) They now have been shown to recommend bad investments,

5)  And finally their California Employees sold your information - Including your Social Security Numbers - to a ring of thieves.

There have been no arrests of these employees who have both Ordered this Fraud to be done and those actually committing this fraud.


Quite a few Newspapers and TV Outlets have been quoting a man that does not exist.

Using OUR TAXES the University of Delaware created the:

Blue Hen Investment Company.

From there the Vice President of Blue Hen Nate Matherson created the LendEDU company led by a Fake Person named “Drew Cloud” who put out the “Student Loan Report.”

Newspapers like the Boston Globe,  Washington Post, and many others quoted Drew and his stories in their attempts to take America Down.

So when the Federal Government stops giving OUR TAX DOLLARS to Colleges, news papers like the Boston Globe and Washington  Post, TV Networks like ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS and radio stations And corporations like SERCO and the FBI these lies will just grow and grow and grow.

Please pray that President Trump cuts them all off immediately or at least has the guts to bring in someone who will cut them off from stealing OUR TAX DOLLARS to destroy America.

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he begins to listen to GOD.




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.

Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

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The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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