Monday, April 30, 2018

Gold Leaving US Vault In Mass


(978) Gold Leaving US Vaults In Mass - YouTube


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Over the last few years we have seen thousands of tons of Gold leave US vaults as it is repatriated by nations such as German, France, China, and a host of other nations.

Yet - the US Gold Supply the US Treasury claims to have remains at around 8,133 Tons.

Now - how can one return thousands of tons of gold to a nation and still have 8,133 tons of gold -- unless the US Treasury Department is Lying?


1) China - 2,840 Tons, In 2010
2) Germany: 640 Tons
3) Holland - 122.5 tons
4) Belgium - 227 Tons

The list just goes on and on.

Yet each time a nation has it’s gold returned the US Reserves of Gold in Fort Knox read 8,133 Tons

Yet those who are on the inside state the US Gold is 90% Gold Bars made of Tungsten.

Over the last 8 years the US has send out over 5,000 tons of Gold for repatriation and still it’s gold reserves remain at 8,133 Tons.

Somebody is lying.

Yet this morning with the Entire US Gold Reserves perhaps absolutely fake - the price of Gold and Silver went down and the value of the Non-Gold Backed Dollar increased.

Spot silver now sits at $16.29 and Gold at $1314.70/ounce.


So the entire market is absolutely and completely manipulated - all of the figures we are being fed about the money supply, gold supply, job numbers - all are complete lies.

 Nothing else makes any sense.

What is worse -- the head bankers have no Exit Plan to move into a Gold Backed Currency.

Please pray that these agencies that put out those lies are defunded immediately.


Discussing CIA Agent Kevin Shipp will get your channel banned from You Tube and Google may pull down your website.

We know there is a war between the Lefty Loony Lucifarian Human Sacrificing Pigs vs. GOD but to discuss what this CIA Agent has to say will get you banned.

It’s like discussing another False Flag - your channel may get banned.

No - we cannot tell ALL of the truth any more - the White House has seen to that by doing nothing to protect us as they continue to fund Google, Facebook, Amazon and You Tube with grants that allows them to block the truth.


All we can do is pray that those in the White House stop funding Censorship.


1) Democrats in Maine - All but 2 - have voted to support Female Genital Mutilation. The Democrats are not only perverted Lucifarians but mentally ill.

Anyone who has ever seen this type of Mutilation knows just how sick people are that practice it and worse - how sick these Democratic State Representatives are to support it.

2) In a recent Study  - your home is filled with deadly dust including over 45 harmful endocrine disrputing chemicals such as Fire Retardants, Phthalates - gasses from plastics.

These chemicals are designed to make you gain weight, get hungry, cause cognitive impairment and thyroid issues as well as beuing carcinogenic.

We cut a hole in our Attack Access and put in a Heater Register we open and close to keep our Household Toxins down to a minimum.

3) In a Court ruling it was clearly show that the Gardasil Vaccine can cause death.

If your child is allergic to “Eggs” she does not have to have the shot.

Remember - “Eggs.”

4) It’s open season on vaccinating Pregnant women.

If your child in the womb has an Indigo Glow (Aura) you will be vaccinated to make our child deformed and Autistic.

If your child has a Crystalline Glow - Clear, Silver of Gold - you will be vaccinated to kill your child.

You want Medical Care by someone connected to US Tax Payer Dollars  you will accept these rules. You will accept their drugs and be responsible for the consequences.

Keep in mind that the Women who were give a flu shot last year had a 7.7 times higher rate (770%) of a Spontaneous Abortion than those that refuse the Flu Shot. 

Thank you Journal of Maternal Child Health.

These Vaccines are brought to you by Federal Grants - yup - you pay TAX DOLLARS to make these Vaccines and their “Profits“ then go to fund Terrorism Worldwide.

Pray that entire Vaccine Industry collapses and that the President has the guts to pull their Government Funding.



Home sales across the nation are falling at an alarming rate - except in the few cities like Seattle and DC who’s primary businesses are supported by using OUR TAX DOLLARS.

Even with this New Freddie Mac Program to sell homes with no Down Payment, no Credit Requirement and no Income verification the sales are still falling hard.

Economic Recovery, really?

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he begins to listen to GOD.




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.

Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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