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Monday, April 16, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Now Purging The Net


(501) Artificial Intelligence Now Purging The Net - YouTube

Our nation is now tipping to the Dark Side.

This morning when we turned on our phones and computers we watched all of the saved stories on our Gmail get erased.

Every single story we had saved on our Gmail Accounts we watched get purged off of our Gmail.

Further - all stories we had referenced for this morning all Google References were purged to get you to the stories.

Since there are only about 8 primary news sites we use due to there posting Real Stories it simply took some time and we found these Key Stories.

It is not actual Artificial Intelligence - is a combination of about 20,000 Google and 20,000 You Tube Paid Employees who censor your stories and some very simple computer programs that purge stories with certain Key Words.

So the techniques that are now being used against those who tell the truth include:

1) Erasing your stories

2) Isolating your stories so no one can find them.

3) Allowing you to Shadow Post - where only YOU can see your stories.

4) “Privatizing” your stories/videos after they are posted - this not allowing anyone else access to these stories.

5) Demonatizing your stories so they get the Ad Revenue and you get close to nothing.

So - You can either begin mis-spelling words in your stories title and avoid the programs all together  or just move on with life and keep doing what you are doing.

Do not expect this censorship of Free Speech among those Monopolies to change any time soon as President Trump has not, and will not, arrest these Demon Possessed People now purging the Internet.

Red China is now being used as a Test Case for absolute complete control of the Population.

It has gotten so bad there that they have hired enormous amounts of people who now work for Microsoft to set up Parameters to give you a “Social Media Score.”

This Social Media Score determines whether you can get a job, how much you can make, what the interest rate on a Credit Card will be, and even if you can buy a home.

What they rate you on is your compliance to the Communist State based on data gathered through:

1) Online Posts, including videos and stories.

2) Personal Telephone Conversations

3) Conversations with friends - gathered through someone’s phone or by outside Voice Recognition Listening Devices, or through your computer or Internal Camera in your TV when you speak.

4) What organizations you belong to. The posting of other members of this Organization will effect your Social Score

5) Whether you take THEIR vaccinations in a timely manner. Of course -- this means you must accept openly the death of your children if they have a Chrystaline Aura and the Brain Damage leading to Autism if your child has an Indigo Aura.

6) Whether you take the drugs they give you. So the use of Herbs and non-approved drugs literally destroys your Social Media Score.

7) Your Wife or Husband’s Social Acceptance of these Communist “Norms” will also be a factor in your Social Media Score.

So suppose you talk about a story where Eye Witnesses in Syria did not see a Chemical Attack in Saudi Arabia you may never get a High Paying Job in a Bank or the Government.

Further - if a company hires too many “Social Misfits” - those who seek the truth - you may have your business closed down permanently.

Of suppose you discuss how Erdogen of Turkey was consulted before the attack on Syria by the French, US and US (Fr-UK-US) you may not be able to ever buy a house and your rent may get a hefty increase by order of the state.

So here we are - about ready to adopt these regulations here in America.

We are definitely tipping to the Dark Side.


1) The world has had enough of Saudi Arabia using US Forces to create a Genocide in Yemen so Saudi Arabia can Horizontally Drill and steal their oil just so they can buy more US Made Weapons under the “Weapons For Peace Program” initiated by the United States way back in the 1950’s.

Of course - Lockheed Martin is the largest weapons dealer in the world in order to help fund their Super Duper Top Secret Space Program out of Bethesda Maryland - And the 5 million people they have living underground controlling us.

The Russian Federation (Licensed To Run Out Of London) is preparing to destroy theSaudi Nerve Gas Weapons Facility as well as their Biological Weapons Manufacturing Facility.

We shall now watch more theater in the Middle East run out of the American Consulate Office in Istanbul Turkey who’s underground city - according to some top secret documents - houses the Temple of Hagia Sophia, mother of Lucifer.

There is allot we do not know.

2) Last year we discussed how you could break into someone’s computer through their Remote Printer, home monitoring system or a remote Baby Monitor attached to your computer and steal their data, or inject a Virus.

Well - yesterday it was revealed by the CEO of Darktrace Nicole Eagan to the “WSJ CEO Conference in London” 4 days ago that a Casino was hacked through a Remote thermometer in a fish tank in the lobby and allot of dollars were stolen.

So the next time you think the Cloud is safe or anything linked to your computer electronically is safe - think again.

Computers are not secure and they are not safe.

3) Food Stamp Usage Drops by half a million over the last month.

So - since President Trump ordered that it was required to show your are here legally in order to collect Food Stamps in September of Last Year over 5 Million People have dumped the card.

Now all that has to happen is forcing the Blue States to obey the Feds and eliminating the use of Food Stamps cards in Casinos and for candy and pop.

Keep in mind that out of the $90 Billion spent of the Food Stamp Program about $5 Billion is actually spent on Foods such as meat, flour, vegetables, fruits, milk products, etc. The rest is actually wasted in administration costs, casino gambling, candy and pop.

This was actually revealed to us on a story about 3 years ago no Google that has now been erased.

4) True News discussed the US Super Soldier Program and they were absolutely correct.

About 8 years ago the 1st Special Forces Infantry Barracks were fences off inside Fort Lewis with some pretty serous fencing.

The US is now using Retroviruses to create these Super Soldier.

Further - the New GMO Super Humans began to hit the Olympics about the same - Which is why the US is now cleaning up on the Olympic metals.

It is the wave of the future as we show a story here where everyone is getting involved - from testing labs to Universities.


The Coast Guard is now allowed to bust those smuggling illegal drug into the United States once again.

The Coast Guard Cutter Harriet Lane seized over 8 tons of Pure Raw Cocaine in their latest 94 day  Patrol in the Pacific

They had to return as they were so loaded with the Cocaine.

With the construction of the Boarder Wall and allowing the Coast Guard to intercept Drug dealers rather than inspecting your toilet on your private boat - it is estimated that about 95% of all illegal drug imports will be stopped.

No money for the cartels - no money for guns - the murder rate should decrease in Mexico - right?

Time will tell as those supporting the Mexican Drug cartels with weapons - as Fast and Furious Eric Holder And Friends - have never even been arrested for murder and Treason clearly sending a Legal Precedence that the Selling of weapons to Drug Dealers is legal.

Please pray that President Trump gets the Guts to arrest all those responsible for Fast and Furious immediately.

Please also pray for President Trump’s Safety




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.

Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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Hackers stole a casino's high-roller database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank

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