Tuesday, November 20, 2018

THE MOST Insidious Plot Agaisnt Humans In History

The video we just did not only describes in detail the most horrific plot against humanity to turn all humans into slaves but also who is doing this

(705) THE MOST Insidious Plot Against Humanity In History - YouTube

It also explains where Katherine Austin Fit's $21 Trillion went into.

A 10% Inflation rate combined with a 2% Growth Rate and World GDP of 480 Trillion means the Feds have spent an average of

$80 Trillion Times 10%  = $8 Trillion
$80 trillion Times 2% = About $2 Trillion
Total: $10 trillion Per Year Extra on their projects

Without raising taxes on anything.

So how does the US President control this extra $10 Trillion/Year in spending by the Federal Reserves???
1st - He owns it by appointing their Board Of Directors

2nd - He shuts it down

3rd - He gets help- to shut down the Lunatic Lefty Lucifarians

Pray for our President's Safety

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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