Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hillary's Bills She Presigned

When Hillary Clinton was running for office she signed several hundred bills to take effect as Executive Orders once she entered office.

Shocking: DNC Meltdown, The Truth Exposed - YouTube

The Highlights of what she signed but was unable to implement include:

1) Rewriting of US Constitution

2) Immediate Suspension of the 1st 4 Amendment of the Constitution:

...a) No Freedom Of Speech
...b) No Freedom Of Religion
...c) Only The GOD Of War - Alla - Will Be allowed
...d) No Right To keep And Bear Arms
...e) Even Local, County and State Police would have to turn in their weapons
...f) Only Federal Law Enforcement will be allowed to carry pistols

3) Suspension of Right To Privacy

4) Right for Military to be quartered in your home

5) Force each home to house 5 Refugees. Not kidding

6) ll Power is consolidated in the Central Government and All Property belongs to the State.

7) Complete Funding of the Importation of 600,000,000 Refuges into the US over the next 10 years - funded in part by a 30% increase in Income Taxes and through Social Security.

8) A Constitutional Congress where the Demoncratic Congress re-writes our Constitution.

9) Huge Increase in funding for Mandatory Vaccinations, Mandatory Abortions and Mandatory Sterilization

OK - That;s Enough For Now - you get the picture

She and her Allies are put in place to finish the Cloward-Pivens Model and destroy the United States.

This would have been followed up with a Hugh War to begin 1 October 2017

Thank GOD she did not win and take the time to vote her allies out of office and demand the UN gets off American Soil.

Pray for President Trumps's Safety

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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