Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hillary Deep State Allies Pushing For War


(1073) Deep State Pushing For World Conflict & Economic Collapse - YouTube


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The Deep State - who’s leaders now openly claim to be the Fallen Angels loyal to Lucifer, are now attempting to force a Massive World War by collapsing the World’s Economies

Here is the latest in their attempts:

1) Russia took out 3 Ukrainian ships a few short hours ago and the Commander of this tiny squadron admitted on Russia TV that this was a Deliberate Provocation ordered by their President to create a War. Russia was not impressed.

2) President Porosheko of the Ukraine not only declared Marshal Law but also ordered the mobilization of his military and deployment along the Russian Boarder. As his approval rating is at 10% and unless he declares Martial Law he is likely to be voted out of office.

3) Yulia Tymoshenko - a person who keeps appearing in Ukrainian Politicians - is now openly discussing the use of US made Nukes against Russia. These are the Nuclear Missiles the Frazzled Rat sold to the Ukraine.

3) In Haiti rioting is so bad over the misuse of $3.8 Billion Dollars that the Haitian President has hired Mercenaries to kill protesters. Already 80 Protesters have been killed by his Mercs.

No international actions have been taken against the Open Murdering of Haitian Citizens by their President.

4) The Brother of Honduran President Juan Hernandez “Big Tony” has been arrested for Drug and Gun Ruining in Miami - Gun Running into the Miami.

The Federal Authorities have watched this for years now but under President Trump they have been allowed to arrest these creeps.

 5) Rioting across France has accelerated over the rise in Gas Prices from about $5 a gallon to over $7 a gallon.

The taxes levied by the Illegally Elected Pervert Macron - who has turned the Palace Of Versailles into a Gay Orgy Palace paid for with Gas Taxes - - that Diesel  Manufacturing Plants are closed and the pumps across Europe are out of Diesel.

Rioters are demanding the Pervert macron step down and are being met with Severe Police Brutality.

6) Deutsche Bank - which seems to be the Lynch Pin in the collapse of the Euro - is once again parting with so many of their managers as their stock flirts with $1 a share.

They did not do as GOD asked them to do so they will be processed into Dog Food. Not kidding.

7) The Largest Italian Bank The Italian Banks - Unicredit - sold about $3 Billion in Bonds and only one buyer showed up. They were forced to pay an additional 4.2% just to sell their US Dollar denominated debt to -- PIMCO.

PIMCO is owned by Allianz SE out of Munich Germany.

In other words - the Germans are propping up Italy to prevent the Total Collapse of their EU Empire.

8) Finally - China is threatening the US With “Severe Consequences” - including War - if President Trump levels the playing field.

Without Free US Tax Dollars China can’t balance their budget and can’t pay off enough people to commit Voter Fraud in America.

Now that the Free Dollars are being cut this Socialist Regime is out of money and their New CIPS Trading System will not save the day either.

Nazhional Sozhaleesm (NAZI) is always doomed to failure.

Look At The

…a) Soviet Union
…b) Venezuela
…c) France
…d) Iran
…e) Argentina

The list goes on and on and on.


There was a huge Gas Explosion near a Chemical Plant in China that was loosing money. The Fire mysteriously spread to this Chemical Plant one week before the International Gas Pipeline Security Conference in India.

After Raytheon melted down thousands of homes in California but left the timber standing the Insurance Companies have announced higher rates as the effected counties banned residents from returning to their melted down homes.

Even Safes with a 1 hour burn rating were melted down.

 Keep in mind that insurance companies of the effected houses canceled their Homeowners Policies 30 days before the homes were melted down.

Pray that those at Raytheon and Lockheed Martin pay for these murders immediately.


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