Wednesday, February 28, 2018

US Government Looses $1.2 Trillion?






(48) US Government Looses $1.2 Trillion Last Year??? - YouTube

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How des our government loose $1.2 Trillion in one year?

With a revenue of over $3.3 Trillion how can you loose another Trillion?

Over 60% of all money collected across the nation remains in DC so the way you loose it is to create more and more Government Agencies that spend more and more of YOUR money in DC.

What about the $21 Trillion Dollars the US lost Catherine Austin Fits is now talking bout just in 3 Government Departments?

A Department is defined as an Agency of a FASCIST (NAZI) government, 1945 Dictionary.

The only way not to loose Trillions is to eliminate the very agencies that are sucking up our money - like the FBI, HUD, and thousands of there
agencies we have never even heard of.

Pray President Trump grows the stones below his belt and eliminates these Useless Agencies and Departments very quickly before this Hyperinflation turns America into another Venezuela or Zimbabwe.



1) The US Supreme Court has just ruled that Immigrants and Illegal Aliens may be detained indefinitely.

Rather than arresting a man for rape and murder, holding him for 2 weeks, and then releasing him back onto the streets with AUX ad GAU Welfare as a Ward (Slave) of the state they can now be held until arrangements can be made to send them back to their country of origin.

This indefinite holding prior includes those who have Green Cards and have formally requested “Refugee” status. While being detained their Social Security Refugee Payments, food stamps and welfare payments will be terminated.

2) Google once again increases it’s Censoring and is now making it very hard to purchase anything to do with Rifles and Pistols.

Yesterday two twitter users pen named LADowd and Xavier Dreymen went searching for Gun Parts and found nothing.

No arrests have been made from this Internet Monopoly for illegal Censorship.

3) The US has lost the Middle East.

China is now sending aid to Syria as many of these Oil Selling Countries are now setting up to leave the SWIFT Trade Accounts and move to the Chinese CIPS Trade Platform.

Over the last month the Chinese have sent in over 5,000 tons of food and computers worth $30,000.

As this food is received and assistance in terms of heavy equipment is moved in the Syrian Government is also quickly moving to dump the SWIFT International Trade system and begin trading in the Yuan.

It appears soon that the “Fabricated Fake Bond Demand for US Bonds” will come to an end and change the entire playing field. Thanks Jim Willie for the Heads Up on this one.

4) Here is an AI that can actually read your mind.

Using either an MRI or an EEG Headset this machine can literally recreate something you are thinking about.

The goal here is a military application. So when a Pilot flies an  Anti-Grav ship like the TRB 3 he simply imagines what he wants the ship to do and it does it.

In terms of civilian use - not only can these new readers being installed across the nation recognize your iris and facial patterns as well as fingerprints from 500 yards away but they will soon be able to read your thoughts and inject thoughts into your brain.

IE - the new 5g Network - running on the same frequencies your brain uses.

5) Papa Johns, like so many other stores, is dumping the NFL. No longer will games be played on their internal TV’s.

6) John Podesta, former Clinton campaign Manager and now working at the Washington Post, told Jared Kushner he had better wear a Bullet Proof Vest.

After admitting to committing International Money Laundering and fraud for the DNC and to eating Human Flesh, he was never arrested and instead took on a job ant the Washington Post.

He stated: “Jared Better Start Wearing his Kevlar on his back”

Now he has the right to openly threatened the Presidents’ Son-in-Law on twitter?

Why is he not behind bars President Trump, Secret Service, FBI, DOJ… Hello???

This precedence now set by John Podesta means anyone can threaten the President and his family Openly and get away with it. Treason, Money Laundering, Illegal Campaign is “Allowed” without any legal consequences.

7) Finally - President Trump will visit the prototypes of the US Boarder Wall and decide which one he will choose. Why President Trump  does not just build a double 8 foot tall Chain Link Fence with Razor wire between the two fences is beyond me. 

Take plenty of precautions on your trip and ensure the place is free of “Radical” nut cases - if you now what I man.

Pray for President Trump’s safety and that the President gets the guts to arrest, and prosecute, men like John Podesta.

Pray we can stay on the air as well.

Allot of kids are depending on these revenues earned here.
You make the difference - You.

Dr William B. Mount


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