Monday, February 19, 2018

The Middle East Is Out of Control





(1) The Middle East Is Out Of Control - YouTube

In a shocking statement yesterday from Russian Foreign Minister Sergio Lavrov he told the US they must leave Syria.

Apparently the US has no intention of opposing these Terrorists and instead provides them with weapons and money as the entire War Front is run out of the US Consulate Building in Constantinople/Istanbul.

Further - Turkey keeps threatening to invade Greece stating there are several islands that Greece has that belong to Turkey - a War that goes back over 4,000 years and will continue long after the US leaves the region.

You can expect that after these announcements Greece will buy allot of weapons and the Leaders of Turkey will be justly compensated for their comments.

Our Founding Father warned us of getting involved in Foreign Entanglements and here we are with Combat Troops scattered across the globe - from Columbia to Afghanistan - Using American troops to protecting the Drug Trade and feeding the Arms Dealers.

Even the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just visited the leaders of Turkey to ensure that as the Opium fields are burned in Afghanistan and drug imports to Europe through Incirlik Airbase there are cut they will still get allot of money under the table.


Pray that the US gets it’s troops out of foreign nations as soon as possible.


After receiving so many comments about what actually occurred in the Florida High School Shooting it painted a nice picture of what actually happened: A CIA Fake Shooting.

You loose our right to be free, we send US Troops across the globe to destroy our economy, and these 45 Elite Rulers are happy.

Here Jalen Martin told a Texas Talk Show Host that the Secret Service was at the school weeks before the shooting - and you wonder why we refer to these Secret Service folks as Loony Nutcases?

Further - Another teacher from the school told PMSNBC’s Rachael Maddow that the school was warned about a “Shooting Drill” that was about to happen at the High School.

So - like all the other Fake School Shootings here we go again - weeks of lies by SERCO and the CIA, run through the Entrust Corporation, and sent out suing the Computer Program called Deamon.

Cut off the GSA finding to SERCO, arrest the Board of Director - and these False Flags cease.


Israel took the suggestion we made here on this channel and is deporting 37,000 Illegal Aliens back to Africa and putting $4,400 dollars in each of their pockets - enough to live on for over a year there.

When the King of Kings and Lord of Lords comes up with an idea and broadcasts it here - it is usually a pretty good idea.

Further - the US is conducting raids to and Illegal Aliens back home that we are just not seeing.

President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do - draining the swamp.

In Texas a few days ago 86 Illegal Aliens were detained and all are being sent back home. If you are arrested and an Illegal Alien and you have a Felony record - you will be sent home for prosecution.

Thanks to the Governor of California for providing addresses and name, two separate Immigration Raids were just carried out in in that state.

The raid in Northern California yielded 77 Illegal Alien felons, and in Southern California the reads yielded 212 Illegal Alien Felons.


How do you describe a product that simply allows you to write a story or cruise the internet without being interrupted?

Their additional protections simply turns off anyone’s access to your computer - including your camera.

Keep in mind  that Twitter Employees announced (thanks To Project Veritas) a few weeks ago that they gather information on YOU - including from your Active Camera on you lap top, and sell it to the highest bidder. They don’t care if they sell it to Blackmailers.

The FBI made no arrests at Twitter for supplying Blackmailers with YOUR information.

Why put you, your kids, or your wife at risk.

For about $10 a month you can be protected from these Invasive Blackmailing Nutcases.


Royal Maya has now been recognized by Peru and Cuba.

Since the VA Corporation (controlled by the US) refuses a dozen doctor’s requests to re-plum me in violation of USC 38.

Since the US Secretary of the Army is likely to reconsider my retirement despite giving the orders to retire me 10 years ago.

Since there are people in these offices above obviously have employees who wish President Trump dead so badly they would destroy my life and since the President refuses to have these people arrested and these errors corrected despite saving his Life over 16 times now.

As an American I am no longer under any Legal Obligation to the United States to either negotiate with US Based Companies to add to the US Tax Base or under any Obligation to provide information on further assassination attempts on the President or any Nuclear False Flags.

I will, however, continue to support President Trump when time permits.

Therefore we are opening negotiations for the mining of the following minerals to foreign companies: Gold, Diamonds, Uranium.

Royal Maya’s fisheries will also be open for bid to Foreign Companies.

The Nations of Cuba and Peru will be given first priority in these contracts.

The Peruvian Government will also be asked to assist us in building our Banking System as they will profit handily from these ventures.

A small Joint Russian and Chinese Naval Base is also requested to be built to protect these fisheries 60 miles from the US Coast capable of handling mass refugees from the United States.

My job in Russia will be to set up this Joint Naval Base and to allow them Full Fishing Rights and Oil Rights just a few miles off the Florida Coast and delineate national boundaries after this base is built.

Ambassador Plenipotentiary Extraordinaire

Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta


Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and Health.


You are the difference - we cannot emphasize that enough. Your prayers keeping us on the air are helping feed people across the globe.

You are The smartest, best audience on this planet.

We pray every day that YOUR Families can be ready for the economic changes now occurring across the globe.


Russia Orders US Out Of Syria While Warning “Only Two Days Left To Save World”

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Parkland student: 'Secret Service was present, changed school security policy, several weeks before shooting'

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Did you fall for the “18 school shootings in 2018” fake news hoax? It’s a complete lie pushed by the dishonest left-wing media that hates America –

Israel to deport 37,000 African migrants with a check for $4,400 and a plane ticket to an "undisclosed country in Africa", or be locked up.

86 arrested, including dozens in North Texas, in three-day immigration operation | Crime | Dallas News

Federal immigration raids in Southern California target 122 businesses

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