Sunday, February 18, 2018

US Gov Is Falling Apart At All Levels





(383) US Govt Falling Apart At All levels - YouTube


It seems like our government is breaking down at all levels.

Ever call the City, County, State or Federal Governments to try and get anything down?

Now more and more cities are putting up Walls or using security Guards to block you form even seeing these Employees YOU pay for.

Benjamin Franklin said it best when he stated that Man is Inherently evil therefore Institutions are as well. Therefore the smaller the Government the better.

This is - of course - an opposite opinion of both the democrats (NAZIs) and the United Nations - which realizes a large government creates anarchy and fulfills the UN PLAN.

Too this end - President Trump is now awakening and beginning to realize just how non-functional the Government is at ALL levels.

 He tweeted several tweets this morning

1) Never Gotten over the fact that Obama was abe to send $1.7 Billion Dollars in CAS to Iran and nobody in congress, the FBI, or the Justice called for an investigation.”

2) Finally, Little Adam Schiff, the Leakin’ Monster of no control, is now blaming the Obama Administration for Russian Meddling in the 2016 Election. He is finally right about something. Obama was President, knew the threat, and did nothing, Thank you Adam!

3) I never said Russia di dnot meddle in the election. I said “It may be Russian, or China or another country or group, or it may be a 400 pound genius sitting in bed playing with his computer.” The Russian “Hoax” was that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia - it Never Did.

The only thing these Overstuffed Government Nutcases understand is money.

Until President Trump begins the arrests - and I mean tens of thousands of arrests - nothing will change.

James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA, stated that the US clearly interferes in elections world wide for the “Good Of The System.”

So the US can interfere in Russian Elections openly but one Russian tweets and a Democrat looses - it’s a Conspiracy, right?

One thing I like about James - he did tell the truth and he s trying to make the world in the image of the US and that keeps our Dollar strong.

Please pray that these Ungodly Democratic NAZI Slave Loving Lefty Looneys loose power forever.


1) Takata Corp US has filed for Bankruptcy. Apparently they make Air Bags that explode upon Impact and these particular Airbags Kill You with Meta Fragments.

Apparently the Executives knew these Airbags killed people and to this end over and still sold them anyway Over 22 people are now dead as a result of these Killer Airbags.

 That’s called Pre-meditated Murder.

Judge Brendan of Wilmington Deleware made no arrests of the Takata (US Based Corporation TK Holdings Inc) executives for Premeditated Murder

Takata sold their assets Key Safety Systems of China’s Ningo Joyson Electric Company and they will now continue to manufacture these Killer Airbags.

Pray they change their manufacturing practices to make Air Bags that do not kill and that those responsible for Premeditated Murder are held to task for their crimes immediately.

2) Remington gun Manufacturers have been approved for Bankruptcy.

After President Obama left office the fear of a Revolution fell and Gun Sales across the board fell terribly In the case of Remington - by 90%.

So now we have the Trump slump in Domestic Gun Sales s the Democrats loose power.

3) Winn Dixie Grocery stores are closing 200 Stores. It is hard to compete with the Super Gant Grocery Stores like Costco or Kroger.

What is funny about this is everything they advertise on sale is made of wither  GMO Foods or loaded with chemicals.


The King of Maya has apparently been negotiating with the US State Department for over 2 years to no avail.

We should soon have the assayers reports on Oil, Gold, Diamond and Uranium deposits and will then begin negotiating their mining by companies that are not connected with the United States.

If someone will not play marbles with you then you pack up your marbles and take them to someone who will play with you.

It’s a big world out there.

What is funny about all this is that H.R. McMaster’s, US National Security Advisor, just gave a speech about and spoke about the Evil Iranian Network and simply ignored The King’s calls concerning Maya’s Uranium deposits.

Sp whether we sell to Iran, North Korea or china is apparently of no concern to him and Money is Money.

The Yuan sped just as well as the dollar internationally.

So it all seems to be a Big Game at the top and all this evil Iranian Stuff is just Brain Washing and Lip service.

Where the Rubber meets the Road it’s all about money and our National Security is nothing but a big, fat joke.


Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and Health.


You are the difference - we cannot emphasize that enough. Your prayers keeping us on the air are helping feed people across the globe.

You are The smartest, best audience on this planet.

We pray every day that YOUR Families can be ready for the economic changes now occurring across the globe.


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  1. I was appalled with Obama and his administration and the Treasury Department when I found out Obama took money from the Federal Employees Pension Fund that we paid into and moved it into the Democratic Party for Hillary's election. Take note all you Federal Employees and retirees!!!! They let Obama steal from us.

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