Saturday, February 10, 2018

America's Nightmare May Have Begun

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Have you felt for a long time that things in America were just not right?

You get a 2% raise yet prices keep going up and up and up?

Medical Care proves to be a nightmare?

Your kids and Grand Kids can’t make ends meet and want to move in as their debts soar?

Stocks rising as companies lay off  more and more people?

Nothing seems to make any sense any more?

More and more Criminals walking the streets as Child Molestation sky rockets so schools build huge fences around them to keep the kids safe?

Terrorist Organizations on the rise like ANTIFA and the FBI does nothing?

As the Elites began to call in loans the second President Trump began cooperating with the Russians in Burning Opium Fields the Dow began to Tumble - an Elite Temper Tantrum.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          As more and more elites suck our nation dry of it’s resources (through huge bonuses and through huge welfare payments) we, The Working Class, have to pay for it all.

Our pay checks have shrunk to the point where we can no longer pay our debts.

Further - almost 75% of all Americans die owning huge amounts of debt. The average debt for these Americans is over $60,000 and almost every state charges the nearest relative for the funeral costs. So if your brother, mother, father, or son dies you get a nice fat bill to burry him - if you live in the state he died in.

So - just say your brother dies and you are living on $1,200 a month in Social Security - you may get a $10,000 bill for his Funeral.

We may have hit the End Point.

The Tipping Point

Like Jim Willie says that The Global Currency Reset is upon us and it may take months to filter out.

So now we have come to a tipping point - where over the last 45 years - just after President Nixon pulled the US off the gold Standard -  American Productivity rose about 75% and real wages declined by well over 75%.

In 1965 my VW Bug cost $1,500 new. Today a New Computerized Cheap VW runs around $40,000 with Taxes and licensing.

In 1980 a Forester’s starting pay was $30,000 a Year Take Home - Coffee then 25 Cents, a Hamburger was 25 Cents, Gas was $1.00 per gallon and a 4 ounce pack of Top Ramen was 5 Cents. Government Debt ran about $3 Trillion.

So now we see the markets begin to tumble as the Cloward Pivens model is reaching it’s end point and THE PLAN is implemented.

Pray that your families will be safe in the coming years and that you are ready to weather any storm.


Amazon is in the news again - this time for screwing up Whole Foods.

Keep in mind that Amazon is fully funded with YOUR tax Dollars.

Amazon receives $1.43 per package delivered by the Tax Payer and $600 Million Dollars per year from someone in the CIA using YOUR tax dollars.

So now Jeff Bazos is using YOUR dollars to create it’s own delivery company - displacing thousands of Federal Express and USPS drivers.

Further - Jeff used YOUR Tax Dollars to buy Whole Foods and implement Huge Changes in their corporate structure which resulted in Thousands of Layoffs nation wide.

This is the Democratic Nazhional Zozhaleestic Party (NAZI’s) in action - using YOUR money to stomp on companies like UPS, Fed Ex and Whole Foods.

Can we Zeig Hiel yet?

Cut off the Head of the Snake and the snake dies.

Terminate Federal Finding and this sort of garbage stops.

After 50 year of Lucifarian Bohemian Grove leaders across this nation -- we have left a stench so bad in the nostrils of GOD that is  amazing HE has not wiped this nation out.

The Stench was so bad - literally a smell of rotten meat -- that when   President Trump moved in the White House his wife had to have it not only cleaned from top to bottom purged of it’s Lucifarian  Worship Center - like the Alter to Marduk, the Human Sacrifice Table, Statues of Idols all over the place.

The White House literally had  to be Exorcised.

Unfortunately these 40 Pastors who anointed the White House also left the Human Sacrifice Center in the basement.

Further - they never cleared out the House of Congress or US Supreme Court of their Idols.


1) President Trump has just announce a New Federal Policy: Hire the best, Fire the rest. No more hiring 7 firing based on Race, Sex or sexual orientation.

2) Finally - the President is implementing Work For Rent program. You get free housing you must now work for it.

These programs are expected to be implemented nation wide if you receive Food Stamps and any form of Welfare AND I believe there is a clause for testing for Illegal Drugs.

If you are using your dollars for drugs - your welfare will be terminated.

Keep in mind that Marijuana is still an Illegal Drug.

So here is a summary:

Dec 17th - an Amtrak Train Blown off it’s tracks just South of Seattle in a small town called Dupont as a FEMA Evacuation Drill Began.

Then -- a Garbage Truck had to be driven in from over 100 miles away containing 3 people plowed into a Train in Virginia

Then - ABC News announced Charleston declared a state of Emergency over weather - at 8AM - but the state of Emergency was not declared until 4:30 PM.

The weather was sunny and warm there over the next 2 days there.

A few hours later an Amtrak Train rammed a Sitting Freight Tran.

Then President Trump agreed to work with all 3 Russian Intel Agencies to burn down the Opium Fields in Afghanistan and the Elites began immediately calling in loans and our markets started dumping.

Keep in mind that on 9/11 the BBC reported the Plane Attacks on New York City 30 minutes before the attacks began.

We warned Japan on TV - Ch 23 and 77 in Seattle - 2 days before the Fukushima Accident of what was going to happen.



Keep in mind that just after warning President Trump and President Putin of yet another Assassination Attempt on them I was hospitalized for 22 days, the VA refused to pay for it and my US Army Retirement was destroyed.

Yesterday a test showed that I now need to be re-plumbed and the colostomy Bag removed - a test the VA refused to pay for despite it being approved and funded by  their own Fee Service.

Somebody in the Seattle VA and at Fort Knox refuses to fix these errors so apparently these swamps need to be drained as well. Apparently the Directors of both places wish to keep me off balance - and they apparently wish both President Trump and President Putin dead.

These swamps need to be drained immediately - these two president’s lives depend on it being done.

 Post Haste. 


Pray for President Trump’s safety.

Those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside - so GOD has said it - so it shall be.



YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.





Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

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Dr William B. Mount


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USDebt - National debt of the United States - Wikipedia

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