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Saturday, March 25, 2017

President "O" - Going Down For Treason


Pres "O" & Cronies - Can We Say Treason? - YouTube

As the last President remains in a foreign nation far, far away from the United States evidence is building that he and his staff are guilty of Treason on so many levels.

First - let’s discuss why YOU are here.

We went to a friend’s house for dinner last night and FOX news played on the TV from 6PM to 9:30 PM and they covered 2 stories - same stuff for 3 ½ hours. Pure unadulterated Dribble.

The two stories covered were:

First - Illegal Aliens murder Americans, over 9,200 Americans a year since the Early 1980’s. There was an Immigrant defending these murders on Sean Hannity’s program.

Second - they discussed why Congressman Paul Ryan would not allow the vote in Congress to end Obama Care.

Thee two stories can be summed up as follows:

1) Those here illegally need to be shipped home and the Laws must be followed - all 15 Million. Period

2) President Trump wants Obama Care to implode and he needs to allow the Medical Exchanges to fail and Obama’s Friends to shut down their businesses.

What you get here on You Tube in 15 minutes Fox News cannot cover in a month - and most of it is off limits to these TV Moguls.

So here is the news today:

First - Congressman Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, stated that President Trump was indeed spied on and President Trump and his Associated and this information was widely disseminated among the intelligence communities.

Congressman Nunes will continue to investigate who, what, when, where, why and how.

All of this is already published and is known by the Congressman so know so Nunes is merely waiting until President Trump gives the word to begin the arrests and tribunals.

Second - the US Supreme Court turned against President “O” over the appointment of Lafe Solomon and the head of the National Labor’s Relations Board from 2010-2013 as this was Unconstitutional. Perhaps a minor ruling but one that clearly indicates the tides have turned against those wishing to destroy Planet Earth.

Third - In Bizarre move reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and his NAZI Regime someone is trying to shut down the train into Manhattan, and out of Manhattan  from New Jersey.

Perhaps because Trump has office in Manhattan.

Please keep in mind that George Soros owns all Rail Lines in America where Amtrak runs and maintenance, and security, on our Rail Lines is horrible today.

…a) 18 Sep 2016 a Bomb blew up on a  train headed into  Manhattan, shutting down service.

…b) 17 March 2017 - Man struck by train claims he had a bomb on a train headed into Manhattan

…c) 19 March 2017 - Man with bomb found headed into Manhattan

…d) Amtrak Train derails on Train Line headed out of Manhattan on a Friday Night

…e) I am told that I have missed at leat a half a dozen other Bomb Threats on this Train Line over the last 6 months.

Somebody is going to a lot of effort to shut down Manhattan as we believe that the Black Live’s Matters Rally that begins 15 April 2017 across the globe is now targeting primarily New York, London, Berlin, Sofia and Paris.

Fourth - We may also see the FBI Protected “NO GO ZONES’ across the nation filled with Muslim Terrorists be released to conduct Terror across America as they implement “PROJECT CONTAINMENT” to shut America down. This is why all the Check Points have been set up across the nation - especially in the Southern US.

So now you know where the FBI is and why Director Comey lied to Congress a few day ago - he expects to unleash Hell On Earth in America in exactly 21 days.

Pray that he and his Evil Satanic NAZI Cronies fail.

Fifth - What we will also be seeing is the end of Sea Life all across the Pacific Ocean as Oxygen Levels begin to plummet and Sea Food shrivles up to nothing. Combined with the Spraying, forced fertilization using  contaminated fertilizers across the planet, and bad weather, we will see Global Crop Production fall horribly.

All of this can be easily reversed - we just need the Will to do it in the White House so we pray that President Trump can, and will, end these things that are happening.

Sixth - What we just saw yesterday was President Trump outlawing Fracking - no more injecting poisons into the ground for no good reason. One does not inject 5 gallons of Benzene to extract one gallon of Oil unless the goal here is to Kill Humans - it’s called Murder.

Let’s pray - Visualize - President Trump orders the arrest of all those guilty of Fracking - and put thems on trial for First Degree Murder.


I have received many phone calls and texts asking me why I take 2 Liquid Advil every morning.

Since this is YOUR channel - we seek out answers to YOUR questions - thank you.

We are pushing the Anti Aging to the Max - forcing our DNA to add Telomeres to their ends - thus changing the Molecular Structure of our DNA. These molecular changes can cause allot of pain - something we are now just learning about from our friend in the Seres Agenda book.

So we are increasing our doses to force these molecular changes and countering the pain with Liquid Advil.


1) Immusist - 22 Drops per day
2) Citricare - 3 Drops per day
3) Sea Weed - One Tablespoon per day
4) Vitamin C and D

5) Get The Teas:
…a) Life Change Tea
…b) 8th Element - 1/day
…c) Pine Bark Extract - 1/day
…d) Grape Seed Extract - 1/day
…e) Two Ceylon Cinnamon in our coffee or tea every morning.

A few extra secret ingredients.

We eat all non-GMO and organic when we can get it.

The Top 3 ingredients we use to reverse Malaria, Lyme’s Disease, Autism,  Cancer, … Diabetes … pick a corner.

Please pray that the Trump Administration has the will to arrest those who are committing Treason and throws away the key.

Please also pray that your families can weather what is coming and BE READY - just like your grandfathers were.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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How do you get struck by a train and then claim you have a bomb????'

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Dead Zones - YouTube






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