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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CDC Mafia Exposed: Embezzlement, Fraud, Murder..


CDC Mafia Exposed - Fraud, Embezzlement, Blackmail, Murder - YouTube

Sounds like an Agatha Christy Novel, Right?

Or maybe a Hot, New TV Show???

Nope - it is a New Book called:

Master Manipulator - The Explosive Story Of Fraud Embezzlement and Government Betrayal At The CDC by James Ottar

It can be found at Barnes and Noble.

This is a story about how the CDC used a Con-Man to gull the public and got conned himself.

This book exposes the links between the CDC-FDA-NIH and Big Pharma and how the approval of Drugs and Vaccines is merely a matter of Payoffs.

As soon as this book came out the Coast To Coast Show - Owned not by the Bush Family - had a Pro-Vaccine show. Last night started out good until we realized the guy was a sell-out to Big Pharma.  He lied for money.
In other news - the Weather world wide has gone bonkers .

The Eastern US is now shut down with huge Snow Storms as the West gets pummeled with rain.

Here in Tacoma/Seattle we are getting 5 inches of rain in one day and Montana is about to get 6 inches of warm rain on top of 6 feet of snow - this is not a good situation.

Of course - it has nothing to do with Chemtrails or the Sun, right???

In other news

1) UK Parliament has vOted to accept BREXIT

2) Dutch Elections will soon leave those in Holland in a Position to leave the EU. If Wilder wins the election the Illegal Immigration to Holland ceases immediately and they Illegal Aliens get shipped back to Syria  and they begin the process of pulling out of the EU.

3) The largest bank in Russia (Sberbank) has just hired the Podesta Pizza Gate (Eating Human Meat on Pizzas) Group to lobby in DC to remove American Sanctions from Russia.

Please pray that those who sacrifice Humans and eat them on their Pizza get busted immediately - thrown in jail forever.

4) The Federal Reserve is ready to make yet another $1 Trillion Dollars to try and stabilize the US Economy rather than doing as GOD directs.

Please pray that those who resist GOD are removed from power immediately.

5) Finally - a Photo shopped UFO Document using Fort Lewis in the back round as can be evidenced by the Fort Lewis Buildings and Mount Rainier in the back round - another CIA You Tube Website.



Tomorrow we may get to interview Ronnie from Get The Tea and discuss more on how to feel Great so - hang on folks…

Jane Mecklenburg Famous Quote: Better to feel good naturally than get hooked on Drugs the Doctors Give you.

Please pray that these who run this planet do as GOD has directed them to do.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Author exposes the “Vaccine Deep State” … a massive criminal fraud and embezzlement ring inside the CDC –

UK Parliament approves for Article 50 "BREXIT" legislation

Dutch election underway: Nationalist Geert Wilders takes on Globalist Mark Rutte in Netherlands


The Fed Is Now Preparing 1 Trillion In QE For The Upcoming Economic Crisis – InvestmentWatch

UFO intercepted by US helicopters ?! March 2017 - YouTube

SOHO Real Time MPEG Movies





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