Thursday, March 23, 2017

Retail Collapsing Nationwide - Massive Layoffs Ahead


]Major Retailers Collapsing - Massive Layoffs Ahead - YouTube

When we grew up there were certain stores that defined who America really was.

Within the last few years most of these Major Department Stores  across America have had terrible profit - loss statements.

All across America we are looking at these Major Department Stores - not the little Fru-Fru Boutiques   but the big boys may be throwing on the towel.

1) Nordstroms - a Major Clothing Store here in Seattle, has had horrible sales in the last few years and this Christmas was no exception. There December Sales were totally flat - no uptake for the Christmas Season despite what they say in their stock reports and It had nothing to do with their criticizing President Trumps’s Wife .

By the way - we stopped buying form Nordstroms after their criticism of the President’s wife. It was a cheap and dirty shot at Ivanka and a lie as well.

We do not appreciate “Cheap Shots” from “Satanic Elites“ so now we shop at Macys.

2) JC Penney’s is in a Death Spiral. Apparently the New CEO Ronald Johnson thought he could take Penney’s out of a sales slump by pandering to Gays and in 2012 made Ellen “Degenerate” their spokesman.

It backfired.

Stock prices fell over 50% and they are now closing 138 stores.

3) Sear nears it’s end as the retailer has sagging sales and increased debt.

Sears has, for many years, touted itself as a Hardware Store. Last time we went into Sears no one knew the difference between a Wood Screw and a Metal Screw.

They are finished.

4) Payless is filing for Bankruptcy.

5) Macy’s has closed 68 stores and is ready to close another 32 stores + within a few months.

It’s not just Department Stores - the economic Melt Down is occurring in all sectors as these companies have hit the wall.

For example -

6) Sprint - a Major retailer of Phones - lost $2 Billion last year.

7) Caesar’s Entertainment - The Reno Casino Chain - has been in Bankruptcy hearings for 2 years now as many of the Major Casinos face bankruptcy.

So what this means to you and me is huge layoffs and wage decreases as the Unemployed Labor Market gets grows exponentially.

Please keep in mind that whatever County hosts our Free Cancer Clinic will see a huge uptake in Tourism as we plan to CURE cancer, Autism, Alzheimers, etc for free. All we need is a large home on a ranch just outside of town.

Funny - none of the Casino’s understood this as they have all been contacted - along with their local Chambers of Commerce - to assist.. So when these Casino’s  go down - good riddance.

In other news - you ask me when the Trump Administration will act.  Well…

Another Elitist dropped over. David Stockman - an elite Gay who printed book after book about how bad being  “Right” is bad - had a major Heart Attack yesterday. Lets’ hope he got the messages from the Boss upstairs.

Expect these happenings to increase over the next few months as these “Wrong”  “Satanic Elites”  are either replaced or go away permanently. So GOD has said it, so it shall be.
Finally - Illinois refuses to pay on it’s Lottery Winners. Yup - they simply refuse to pay. Several other states also refuse to pay - like New Jersey.

The refuse to pay Lottery Winners but like my wife said yesterday - the Lottery Commission charges you every day for selling their tickets.

So - who is stealing the Lottery Money???

Look no further than the Governor’s Office in each state. They are ultimately responsible for who stole the money.

Please keep in mind that Lottery Corporations are private so the Illinois Lottery Company would have had to steal the money to make this happen and the Governor is responsible for this theft.

FBI, US Marshals Where Are You.


If you are elderly or disabled  and low income go to the county and get reduced tax rates on your home and your power company may get you a grant to insulate your home and reduce your power bill.

We have increased our Anti Aging formula. When we get out of bed I take reach for the Liquid Advil and I am fine all day and my face is peeling again.

Also - We have tried other Cinnamons but Get The Tea Ceylon Cinnamon seems to work the best hands down.
Please pray that your family is safe in the upcoming Financial Wars and that GOD grants you extra money for what is coming and Expect a Miracle from GOD.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount



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