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Monday, April 11, 2016

What Exactly Does An Economic Melt Down Mean To You???

What exactly does an economic melt down mean to you???

How can you prepare for this Economic Change???

See For Yourself::

Economic Meltdown - What It Means To You - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

"It's Pure Chaos Now; There Is No Way Back" - Venezuela Morgues Are Overflowing | Zero Hedge - VEF/USD Chart

What's it like under 1,000 percent inflation? Venezuela is about to find out. | Public Radio International

Facing Severe Food Shortages, Venezuela Pushes Urban Gardens : The Salt : NPR

The World Factbook

OPEC : Venezuela

VENEZUELA : population growth of the whole country

Uribe tours South America to explain US bases in Colombia — MercoPress

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