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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Probable Squeeze

Within a few days we will know the course America will take economically. Will the white house:

1) Destroy America quickly

2) Fix Everything

3) Slowly squeeze the life out of America as we host another 117 disasters around the world - sacrifices to Lucifer - like the Man Made earthquakes in Japan 2 days ago or the earthquake in Ecuador this morning.

Perhaps the LASER NASA is firing at the sun has something to do with the destabilizing of the sun, increased gravitational pulses and thus more earthquakes on our planet?

The Probablw Squeeze - YouTube

Pray (Visualize) these Lucifarian Toys break immediately and forever.

The News You Must  Have

Dr William B. Mount

M7.8 - 27km SSE of Muisne, Ecuador

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