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Friday, April 15, 2016

Huge Billion Dollar Boondoggle Perpetuated By Washington State

Here it is - the evidence

They never planned to finish the project - just continue it forever.....

Huge Billion Dollar Boondoggle Using Federal Grants - YouTube

Wake Up America

The News You need

Dr William B. Mount

Please pray all their evil deeds fall back on their own heads immediately....

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  1. Dear dr mount. I live in reno. I understand what . Is happening here and....elsewhere. i remember reading about the Rothschild trust as it hit our newspaper stands here. You are correct but... please do not send your prays to destroy our city. Not all of us here are manipulated in the same manner. Many of us listen to the word of god and see the agenda at hand. We can not fight alone only back to back. Sir.