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Friday, January 1, 2016

EMEGENCY! Obama Orders Hammod Ranch In Oregon Evacuated

President Obama has ordered the Hammond Ranch in Oregon to be evacuated by any means so as to be able to cash in on the enormous amounts of Natural Gas, Uranium, Mercury and Gold and Silver Deposits on the BLM land.

See Video:

EMERGENCY - Obama Ordered Hammond Ranch Destroyed - YouTube

(((((Just got contacted regarding this video and before it was even downloaded a "Friend" stated that the Hammond Ranch sits atop a HUGE deposit of RARE EARTH Minerals so somehow she was able to watch my video as I recorded it, understood it, and wrote me a text clarifying why they want the Hammond Family dead.)))))

By the way - many in the""BLM"" now harassing ranchers across the nation speak Russian.

Pray America - Pray.

A am sorry folks - but the Secret Service told a good friend of mine they had to get women for Hillary every where they went - they are simply Pimps who find Hors for Hillary, and Michelle Obama (A Man) requires Gay Men wherever he goes.

These are some Evil, un-repenting, rotten to the core people who work out of Washington DC and they need to be stopped Now!


Pray that they either change immediately or GOD immobilizes them and destroys every thing they do.

Your clock is running out White Hour Folks  - - the Living GOD will now make your lives a Living Hell, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Interactive Map for Oregon Historical Mining Information - Large-Format Mine Maps | DOGAMI

Rep. Peter DeFazio: Campaign Finance/Money - Summary - Representative 2016 | OpenSecrets

Greg Walden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Congressman Peter DeFazio | Representing the 4th District of OREGON

Oregon ranchers' fight with feds sparks militias' interest |

On a personal note: Pete Santilly was arrested in Ohio - I stand corrected.

Pete was pulled over for not wearing his seat belt and argued with the cop and then told him he had a Gun in his bag and and no "Weapons Permit"  - the Cop freaked out.

However - The Arresting Officer's never asked him if he UNDERSTOOD  - which means Pete never stated he "UNDERSTOOD"  nor "STOOD UNDER" English Maritime Law which means the arresting Officer violated the UCC.

There may be severe consequences for these actions of the Local Arresting Officer and his supervisors.  Its the UCC and International Law.

If you openly violate the UCC and it goes publically - then the entire Economic System collapses - and that simply cannot be allowed to occur, like the arrests of the Hammonds to seize Rare Earth Metals to sell to China - Heads Will Roll - Literally.

"The Mills Of The Gods Grind Slow But Exceeding Fine"

Ambassador William B. Mount


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  2. These are Ranchers who are talking about Obama using the antiquities act to put them out of business and this is going to happen all over the west !!!!!!!

    One of these facebook videos says there are more than 400 ranchers that will be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS

    Listen to this @ 1:09:40 mark

  3. In Ordnance with this Constitutional attorney ,
    , we the people of Oregon hereby call on the state and local representatives of the beautiful state of Oregon to come together to Reconstitute Oregon’s authority over its regulatory management of its lands through the Voice of the People , and to Place the Oregon Flag next to the US Flag at each out post to declare its constitutional authority over that of the US Federal Government .
    And we Call for the Hammonds to be returned to the Corrections facility of the State of Oregon to be re-investigated and retried for the allegations against them .
    Thank you , Tony Newbill Rancher Powell Butte Oregon