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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Deadly Bird Flu Hits US Shores

The The Deadly Upgraded version of the US Made H5N1 Virus has finally landed in the United States in Hawaii.

Perhaps those two US Downed Helicopters a few days ago were trying to warn us?

See Video:

Deadly Bird Flu Hits US Shores - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr Wlliam B. Mount

GRAIN — US government lays patent claim on bird flu virus

U.S. Health Officials Consider Travel Warning As Zika Virus Spreads - NBC News

H5N1: US: CDC confirms baby born in Hawaii with Zika virus (updated)

The Bird Flu that Man Built: Controversial H5N1 Research to be Published in Part | HealthMap

Baby in Hawaii is Confirmed With Zika-Linked Birth Defect - NBC News

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