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Friday, January 15, 2016

Don't Forget To Prep For Your Animals As Well (Thrive 13)


  1. Dinah Everett Snyder

    9 mins ·


    "Today, the Obama administration will begin lifting economic sanctions on the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism" - US Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan in a statement after it was announced that sanctions against Iran will be lifted. Memo to Paul Ryan : Mr Speaker, your employer, US inc. is the single biggest sponsor of global Terrorism, the biggest, most virulent supporter of global terror et al. Iran, by the way, is the worlds leading producer of medical grade nuclear medicine, of which the US is the single biggest buyer. Meanwhile, Israel has the distinction of owning the largest non reported nuclear arsenal in the world. To which. Germany just recently contributed nuclear submarines at $2 billion a piece. Israel, has yet to acknowledge their nuclear arsenal, or to sign onto the non proliferation treaty and have yet to be held accountable, like everyone else. Secretary of State John. Kerry has yet to be questioned on his violation of office for his part in the oil drilling in Gaza or his involvement in oil shares in the Ukraine. Or his involvement in the destruction of the Ukrainian economy period, although that is best described as a perk of his job no doubt. ..... I believe that the American " voting" public deserves answers to these, Mr Speaker of The House.

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