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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Obama Insane, Provokes N Korea To Brink Of War

While you were all sleeping not only did the US fly a B-52  and several F-15s and F-16s over South Korea they also flew a special jet over the Hydrogen Bomb Site in North Korea.

Obama is desperately trying to get this Nuclear War started.

See The Video:

Obama Demands Nuclear War - Provokes N Korea - YouTube

Just a few days ago he granted the US State Department to transfer $150 Billion Dollars to Iran for absolutely NO reason. It was all "Hush Hush" and done by computers and there are no strings attached.

Please keep in mind the US can kill and bribe.

1 April 2016 a New US/UK/Rome Operation Begins in Russia to remove the current leadership from that country and take St Petersburg away and form a separate nation out of North Western Russia --- they want the Hermatage and the want to documents proving the Eastern Church presides over Rome in accordance with Emperor Constantine's Treaties with Rome - both the Emperor and the Pope in 324 AD. - they want them destroyed. .

Please pray the evil fails to start WW3 and instead destroys themselves.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Pete Santilly - Keep up the good work.

North Korea reveals its 'stealth' ship-destroyer in warning to Seoul and the US | Daily Mail Online

Science Can Tell if North Korea's Test Was Really an H-Bomb | WIRED

picture of north korea h bomb hole - Google Search

nevada nuclear test zone - Google Search

mars craters - Google Search

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