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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Obama Govt Failing At All Levels

What we are seeing is the absolute incompetancy of the US Corporation at all levels combined with the CIA Destruction of everything in their path.

We now also see US Soldiers fighting CIA sponsored troops overseas.

Watch and Learn:

Obama's Govt Gone Insane At All Levels! - YouTube

Pray that US funding falls for the US Corporation by 90% immediately.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount.

 Keep Obama's Head Down on the 17th (+- 3 Days) and at the 18th will be the end of his 7th year - there is great significance to this date Biblically and many do not wish him to make it to the of January.

Keep in mind that the Koran in Abram 28 states Mohammed said: "God sent the Old Testament Profits and you did not listen, God sent the Yeshua (the Son of God) and you did not listen, so I came to tell you the same thing - so if it is significant Biblically it is significant in the Koran and to the leaders of the Obama supported ISIS, now headquartered in Dover, Tennessee and at the Fudge Factory in Langley.

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