Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Jim Willie - World Massively Rejecting The Dollar

This is an interview with Jim Willie -

Jim is a Statastician/Economist wit a sense of humor

In these 3 videos we examine the world's  recent

1) Dumping of the US Dollar

2) Introduction Of The Gold Trade Note from China

Which Means - The Massive devaluation of the US Dollar is on the way along with Hyper Inflation

As layoffs continue we will see squishy brown stuff hitting the fan inn about 7-8 weeks both economically and politically

Since YOU TUBE allws only 20 minute videos - we have broken the interview into 3 parts:


1)...(1489) Jim Willie - US Dollar Being Dumped World Wide - Pt 1 Of 3 - YouTube

2)... (1489) Jim Willie - US Dollar Being Rejected World Wide - 2 Of 3 - YouTube

3)... (1490) Jim Willie - Dollar Being rejected World Wide - 3 Of 3 - YouTube

The Wall of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

Jim Willie's Website:

Golden Jackass, home of Hat Trick Letter by Jim Willie

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