Tuesday, August 7, 2018

We Are Headed In A Very Scary Direction


(91) America is Headed In A Very Scary Direction - YouTube

We as a nation are headed in a scary direction as we continue to follow the Cloward-Pivens model developed for the Demon Cratic Party of Lefty Loonies.

We are collapsing on three fronts:

1) Ecclesiastical - God has been removed form this planet and replaced with all sorts of weird religions.

Here in America we have replaced GOD with the religion of the Television as almost 97% of all households now have a TV.

2) Ecologically - as crop Production begins to decline due to the Sun enlarging and getting hotter and Chemtrails destroying all Plant Life across the globe we are seeing Food Prices Sky rocket.

3) Economically - As wages continues to stagnate prices double now every 5 years - and in foood it is now every 3 ½ years. This is likely to accelerate quickly.

Today so many Americans are filing Bankruptcy.

If you are over 55  1/10 file bankruptcy every year. This means  that you iwwill more than likely file once every 10 years

…..The primary reason for this is the bad health now being perpetrated through Vaccines and GMO foods and health care skyrocketing as a result of Government financing of these costs.
Further- since President Clinton Monetized our College Loans they cannot be included in Bankruptcy and you , and your cosigners - likely your parents - are on the hook for these loans.

…..Finally - We Are seeing pension funds across the nation collapse as psions are now either cancelled or reduced by almost 75%%. So what was a $4,000 a month pension becomes a $1,000 month pension and likely these Pensioneers did not pay into Social Security.

So while Refugees sand Illegal Aliens get more and more Welfare nad Social Security Americans get screwed.

This was planned.

Pray Presiudent Trumpp has the Guts to begin arresting those responsible for this mess we are in immediately and pray for his safety.


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