Monday, August 6, 2018

US Federal Courts Go Bonkers


(78) US Federal Courts Go Bonkers - YouTube

This is the only was to describe what the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled.

In their Deep State Lefty Support of Lucifer and his ideals thye have ruled that all  guns must contain a Microstamp.

Micro stamps do not exist and cannot be made in accordance with the California Law they ruled in favor of.

So when that was brought to their attention they replied:

“Laws cannot be invalidated on the grounds that complying with them is impossible.”

The overseas implications are enormous.

The European Union immediately, seeing how insane the American Court System has become, broke with the US and immediately opened up trade with Iran outside the US Dollar.

Further -- in violation of past court rulings and New York State Law - the State of New York has declared war on the NRA by working with the Financial Institution and denying it Insurance of any type for supporting the 2nd Amendment.

Further - You Tube, Facebook and Twitter Monopolies have banned Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) from their channels. Funny since he is funded by Lockheed Martin’s Super Duper Top Secret Space Program just like Glen n Beck so there is an agenda here.

To top things off Facebook is now accessing your Bank Accounts and Credit Card Accounts - forbidden under Federal law - but no one is under arrest for these Money Laundering Law Violations - Yet.

Finally - Wells Fargo has announced that hundreds of Home owners lost their homes due to a Computer Glitch and has set aside $8 Million Dollars to compensate them for their loss of their home.  - or about $20,000 per home owner - Whoopie.

You loose everything you own and Wells Fargo offers you  $20,000
They just had the Police forcefully evict the homeowners for no real reason.

No one went to jail at Wells Fargo for this illegal activity in seizing their homes and everything they owned.

So either President Trump begins arresting a dozen Governors and several Insurance CEO’s in New York City and the CEO’s of a dozen internet monopoly websites like Twitter and the CEO’s at Wells Fargo or all that he has done will be absolutely worthless.

By the way - most of the New Jobs created last month were seasonal agricultural workers or part time minimum wage jobs.

So Unless President Trump acts immediately as GOD has directed he will go down as an 8 year worthless President who accomplished nothing and watched the nation go down in flames - literally.

So please pray that the President gets the guts, stops campaigning,  to do as GOD has directed him to do  and order the arrests of these Traitors immediately.


The heat is so bad now in Europe that the Ukraine has begun to limit the export of their Wheat.

If you take the train across the Ukraine you will see wheat crops as far as the eye can see - like Kansas on Steroids.

The heat and drought caused by Chemtrails is so bad that not only the Ukriane but nations across Europe will begin to limit the sales of their own Agricultural Products within a few days.

So the Food Shortages now begin as prices begin to rise world wide on basic commodities.

And along with the shortages of food will come the destruction of huge amounts of timber by the Supper Duper top Secret Space Program - so expect timber prices to also rise accordingly.

We can thank GOD President Trump is about to get his “Wall” as food production here in the US is now being hit hard by the drought.


1) The FBI has released documents clearly stating that the Russian Dossier is fake and the used OUR TAXES to pay to create it in a Coup Attempt against President Trump.

No arrests have been made in this Coup Attempt by the FBI despite written evidence.

This is why the EU is ignoring President Trump - he refuses to arrest even those in the FBI trying to Kill him.

2) Using OUR TAXES the Mosa Meat Company is again growing mass amounts of Fake Beef using Blood - but they will not state where they get the blood.

Yup - this fake meat production using somebody’s blood at Maastritch University in the Netherlands was funded by You and Me.

Finally - President Trump and Putin have agreed to build the longest rail line in the world and connect the US to Russia across Alaska. So the rail line will run form the tip of south America to Spain and down into Japan.

This rail line was first proposed by Abraham Lincoln and the King of Russia back in 1863 but was sabotaged by English Agents dozens of times.

This time, GOD clearly says, that  any Sabotage by and English Subversives will result in the death of those who lead the English Intelligence Agencies.

Do your best England - GOD will begin dropping your Lead Intelligence Agents and worthless Politicians like flies hit with  DDT - so GOD has said it -- so it shall be.

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he begins taking care of those who take care of him.

Please also pray that your families are protected with Gold, food and water.

Thank you Noble Gold - we love your Trump coins.

Do not forget - voting for Republicans in the Primaries ends tomorrow on the 7th for Republicans and Democrats and Independents need to send in your ballots beginning on the 8th of August.

The Wall of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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