Friday, August 3, 2018

Deep State Coup Or - Political DIstraction??


(3) Deep State Coup Or Political Distraction??? - YouTube

For as long as we can remember - and thats quite a while - we have had a news media that has been so left wing it is disgusting.

Even as a young Paper Boy back in the 1970’s we can all remember how left wing NAZI these papers were even then as my customers used to complain to me over and over again.

With the recent election win of Donald Trump as President the Left Wing Loony’s seem to have gone into Overtime in their attempt to not only destroy this nation but top take out our President and the funding for this Take Down seems to be coming form Every US Funded Department - from the CIA and FBI to the local colleges and Universities - as if some special button was pushed making these Departments call for the Death of America.

When I was a child we has drilled into our heads that the Russian Communist Party was the culprits of all these Riots and horrible things that were happening.

Now we come to find out that these Horrible Things are coming from people in the United Nations and our own people sponsored using OUR TAX DOLLARS - as passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump.

So let’s look at some examples:

1) We are learning that our Government is riddled with folks hired under Affirmative Action that are actually “SPIES” for other nations - such as the Chinese Spy now exposed that was working for Senator Dianne Feinstein for the 20 - when she was Chair of the Senate Intelligence Community. The Female Chinese Agent left the Intelligence Agency but remains free living in San Francisco.

Despite he being a Chinese Spy she remains free - the FBI and CIA talk about the Chinese Spy but refused to arrest her.

2) The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is still selling Active Duty Medical Records to the highest bidder World Wide.

3) The New York Times, partially funded by Federal Grants, just hired an editor named Sarah Jeong who, after working for Disney for years,  stated:

….”F” all Cops
….”F” President Trump
….I Love harassing Dumb Ass “F”ing White People

….It’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.

4) The American Battle Field Trust, mostly funded through Federal Grants, just called President  Lincoln a Idiot and said he betrayed people when he freed the Black Man.

So the American Battle Field Trust - stating Freeing the Black Man was a nasty betrayal of the American Idealsa - is still getting Federal Grants.

5) Congress Animal Maxine Waters (Born a Man) openly stated she wants someone to harass President Trump’s Staff and kill. She/He was not arrested for her Treason.

6) Top Tennessee Demon Cratic Official Mark Brown described Trump supporters as Idiots calling President Trump a “F” - Stick and for a Coup - yet he was never arrested.

7) CNN - Partially funged by Federal Grants and given a license to Broadcast by the FCC - openly stated that President Trump should fall and if you do not believe in the Fake Russian Collusion Story

Do we see a pattern?

8) Tomorrow there will be armed ANTIFA Agents (Armed With Pistols) bought and paid for by both the CIA and FBI that will riot in Portland and the Police Department is under orders not to engage the media and to arrest those unarmed Americans defending themselves.

In other words - this is all Pre-Planned and funded through the White House to either destroy America or create a Huge Distraction.

Even a Moron can see that if President Trump wanted to stop all of this he would do as GOD asked him to do, pick up the phone and make a few calls, and arrest those committing Treason.

Q - annon say there are 45,0000 Sealed Indictments issued - but no one has been arrested yeat except a few people.

Even The Frazzled Rat and Huma Abadeen - openly seen torturing and killing an 8 year old child on video - are still at large.

But what are they distracting us from?

Political Ineptness?


1) Sun enlarging and getting hotter.

2) Chemtrails destroying our planet’s life - drying it out so badly they can light our forests on fire.

3) Dying Oceans.

4) A Super Duper Space Program with underground bases meant to save a few elites from the changing Sun.

5) Meteors now coming towards the Earth that could potentially destroy entire cities.

Just a few days ago a Meteor hit the planet near a US Air Force Base with a force so powerful the thought it was a 2 KT Nuke and put the entire US on a Full Scale Nuclear Alert.

6) A failing Economy across the Globe.


What finally hit home was when we read about the


Apparently Foreign Exchange Rates are set out 1 year in advance.

So as we are reading about the falling Chinese Yuan, the falling Turkish Lira, the collapsing Venezuelan Bolivar please realize these rates were set by the IMF a year in advance.

What this means is that the Collapse of any economy - such as Turkey or Iran - is pre-set by the IMF a year in advance to any fall in currency.

The entire “Currency War” is pre-set.

Every economic collapse is pre-set.

Perhaps President Trump has just offset the collapse of the Dollar, but it is all planned at least a year in advance.

That’s what the Forwards Exchange Contracts do.

We have managed - to a limited extent - to only protect the lives of the Major Presidents and stop Nuclear Terrorism in this nation for 12 years - but it may be coming.

Within a month - For Example - a New Faction will form in China that will try and kill their President openly - using a Heart Attack Weapon and GOD will not stop it. So HE has said it - so it shall be.



Pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he begins to do as GOD directs him.

Prepare you families for what is coming and enjoy the show.

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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