Thursday, March 29, 2018

Why Are The Elites Suppressing This?

Sometimes in life one must do something just because it is the right thing to do.

So many of you have requested this interview.

Can a product derived from Marijuana actually be helpful; to us?

Well - The US Constitution was written on paper made from Hemp - the Male Marijuana Plant.

Last September Ronnie from Get The Tea sent me some CBD Oil and I used it to kick the Opium Habit I developed in the Hosp;ital.

Today I eat 8 drops f the l25 MG bottle of Cinnamon and the pain from my injury is umbed.

The beauty is - my Blood Sugars went down after using the product but it did not effect my Get Up And G.

So - This interview is an Interview done out of love for the Product and respect for Ronnie.

Thank you 

Thank you Ronnie

Thank You Viewers for your prayers for:

1) The Truth

2) For staying on the air

3) And for the President's Safety

YOU make the difference 

YOU are important -The Most Important Viewers on the planet right now

Dr William Mount


Ancient Life Oil | Life, Longevity, & Happiness.


Pesticide, Herbicide Used by Pot Growers Raises Safety Concerns

Myclobutanil is an active ingredient in the Eagle 20 pesticide brand, which prevents brown patch and dollar spot in established turf, ornamental plants, and certain fruits. This fungicide is considered “slightly hazardous” by the World Health Organization, due to its potential for nervous system problems and toxic fumes.
Exposure to Myclobutanil can result in symptoms like allergic dermatitis, vomiting, itchiness, nausea, headache, skin rash, nosebleed, and eye irritation. A two-generation study on rats found that Myclobutanil decreased pup weight gain, and increased incidence of stillborn.

The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to Imidacloprid as a moderately hazardous insecticide. According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), this ingredient in Confidor and Gaucho pesticide brands is moderately toxic if ingested or inhaled, but because of the way it binds to cells, it’s much more harmful to insects than it is to mammals.
The signs and symptoms from Imidacloprid poisoning are similar to nicotinic poisoning, which include fatigue, cramps, muscle weakness, and twitching.

Avermectin is an insecticide found in Lucid and Avid pesticide brands. The Pesticide Action Network (PAN) lists Avermectin as a “Bad Actor,” while Avid labels claim that it’s harmful if inhaled.” When given doses that were also toxic to the mothers, Abamectin produced cleft palate in the offspring of treated mice and rabbits, showing that its effects are not healthy.

This insecticide for ornamental and landscape plants is found in the TetraSan 5 WDG pesticide brand, and is not intended for being inhaled. A study exposed rats to a hefty amount of Etoxazole, and discovered that the livers of all of the subjects were enlarged. Although it’s not the most dangerous on the list, Etoxazole has no business being in anyone’s lungs.

Bifenazate is a miticide found in the Floramite pesticide brand that helps control a handful of pests on ornamental plants, greenhouse tomatoes, and non-bearing fruit trees. Scientists found that over a 21 dermal study in rats, Bifenazate triggered a decrease in body weights and urinary volume, and caused extramedullary hematopoiesis in the spleen. While there haven’t been any tests on humans, it’s safe to assume that this miticide would cause more harm than good.

5 Pesticides Wrongfully Used in Cannabis Cultivation - Health | MERRY JANE

Medicinal Benefits of CBD Oil: Does it Really Have Healing Properties?

  • 1. For PTSD
    Among the wide range of research that is being carried out on the utilization of cannabis for the treatment of PTSD, it has been observed that the consumption of this substance can have a drastic impact on the reduction of anxiety among the people who are suffering from the disorder. A few of the major benefits of using CBD for PTSD that has been observed in recent experiments, was that cannabis seemed to be well-tolerated and a safe agent to be used for the treatment of PTSD.
  • 2. For Epilepsy
    It has now been clinically proven that the use of CBD oil is extremely effective in alleviating the symptoms of epilepsy and seizures. Research shows improvement in, not only the intensity of the attacks but also the frequency. Now don’t get us wrong, we do realize that the trials carried out to study whether it really does reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and seizures, have been tested on animals. However, the FDA have already approved human trials, specifically on epileptic children, and the studies so far, are showing similar results.
  • 3. For Arthritis
    CBD oil has shown lots of improvement in the treatment of arthritis. According to research, cannabidiol helps reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis of all types like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis and other types of inflammatory joint conditions. Any patient with arthritis knows that pharmaceuticals for this disorder, can really take an effect on your life, and more and more patients are using this more natural alternative method because it’s showing rising results.
  • 4. For Multiple SclerosisThe use of CBD oil for the purpose of treating multiple sclerosis has been spreading at a rapid pace. However, even after decades of research, there is no permanent cure for MS as of yet. Although, there are remedies such as this oil, that patients are using to either manage different symptoms, or stop further nervous system degeneration. Studies on CBD and multiple sclerosis, is showing more and more signs that this compound in fact does have healing properties.
  • 5. For Chronic Pain
    This substance is becoming well known for natural pain relief, and the properties contained in cannabidiol, seems to be helping with lots of different forms of discomfort. For example, chronic inflammation causes pain and damages tissues, and CBD oil is becoming a lot more common as an anti-inflammatory substance, which then also helps with the relaxation of your muscles. It is also now known to help with sleep disorders and depression too.

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