Saturday, March 31, 2018

Nearly 400 Sheriffs say: Enough Is Enough


Nearly 400 Sheriffs Say Enough Is Enough - YouTube

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Almost 400 Sheriffs from across the nation are demanding that Congress end Illegal Immigration.

Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County Massachusetts has gathered about  380 Sheriffs from around the country and they have sent a letter to Congress demanding:

1) The wall on the US/Mexican Boarder be built As Soon As Possible.

2)  We expect Congress to uphold the laws of the nation.

3) We are tired of watching the escalation of crime caused by these Illegals.

4) Congress needs to act - their uncaring attitude has compromised Law Enforcement Activities as many of these Illegal Alien Criminals are simply caught and released within a few weeks after committing a crime.

5) Many Local Officials are now passing laws where one Law Enforcement Agency cannot cooperate with another Law Enforcement Agency.

We shall see what Congress actually does but pray those who do not act in Congress are Neutralized Immediately.


The United Nations had a very private broadcast concerning coming events.

As we enter the sign of Aeries we shall see the tearing down and rebuilding of our society.

A very interesting piece by NASA claims Aeries actually begins this year on 18 April, not 19 March. What this means is that one of two things are going to occur during this Aeries Month:

1) Either President Trump begins mass arrests of these Treasonous Criminals - I mean in the tens of thousands


2) These Protected Elite Traitors will replace President Trump with President Trump #2 and all he has done will be unwound as they do to him what they did to Obama #1.

We are talking about FBI/CIA Agents, Reporters, Staff from the Previous President, Directors of companies like Walmart, Fred Meyers, Delta Airlines, National Bank of Omaha - the list goes on and on - of companies now using their wealth to shut down the 1st and 2nd amendments of the Constitution.

Pray for President Trump’s Safety and he gets the guts to stand up like a Real Man and take these Traitors down.


Follow The Money

While the Clintons were Governor of Arkansas and took care of the US Air Force Distribution of Illegal Drugs out of Mina they moved a friend name  Kieth Rainier to Mexico.

There Keith started a Sex Cult called NXIVM BRANDING HIS Sex Toys with a hot Cast Iron brander just below the belt line.

Then he sued it to Blackmail people across the US for money.

This money was then sent to the Clinton Foundation from Mexico for her Political campaigns.

After blackmailing Seagrams Heirs for over $150 Million and after purging the US Justice Department of some Key Personnel he is now being called to task for his Weird, Satanic crimes.

Pray he goes down hard immediately.


A California Judge has ruled that because Brewed Coffee contains Acrylamide they must put warning labels on their coffee that Coffee May Cause Cancer

What is funny about this is that Acrylamide is put in many Municipal Water Supplies and the judge did not touch that with a 10 foot pole - nor is he forcing this ruling onto ALL coffee shops in California, only about half a dozen Coffee Chains.

So - who is paying this judge to make such a stupid ruling?

Time will tell.


The Emperor of Red China has ordered the elimination of Taxes on it’s computer chip manufacturers while those in the US must pay a high rate of taxes. This will drive US Computer Chip Manufacturers out of Business.

So - perhaps President Trump will level the Playing Field and charge a 30% Tariff on Chinese Made Computer Chips when imported into the United States?

Now we understand his logic.

He is the First President in my life time hthat has put America First.


It turns out that when a person has a Heart attack in about ¼ cases they are prescribed Anti- depressant, loose the right to Keep and Bear Arms, and have a 66% higher rate of dying in the First Year after the Heart attack that those who are not given anti-depressants.

One of our personal goals here is to reach a point where if you live from a heart attack we hand you a free bottle of Immusist and a pound of Sea Weed and you fully recover.

I mean your Plaque goes away, your Cancer goes away, your arthritis and MS begin to go away, etc - and in my experience you never have another Heart Attack again.

At least - that’s one of our goals.

Do you want to take the Red Pill and learn the truth, or the Blue Pill and learn to live a lie???

Pray for President Trump’s safety.




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.

Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


'Enough Is Enough': Nearly 400 Sheriffs Demand Congress Reduce Immigration, Criminalize Sanctuary Cities

Clinton-Linked Cult Leader Arrested for Running Sex Slavery Ring that Branded Its Victims

The Heiresses and the Cult | Vanity Fair



Judge Rules California Starbucks Must Have Cancer Warnings On Their Coffee | Zero Hedge

Acrylamide - Wikipedia

China cuts tax rates for chipmakers amid trade tensions | One America News Network

More meds kill ‘em faster: Heart attack survivors prescribed antidepressants more than TWICE as likely to be dead one year later –

IMMUSIST - Assist Your Immune System Today!

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