Friday, March 23, 2018

China & Russia Tell US To Stop These Wars

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Russia & China Fed Up With USA Meddling World Wide - YouTube


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What we are seeing today is unbelievable but is actually Lucifer’s Plan to destroy the Human Race so as you read this please pray that GOD neutralizes ALL of Lucifer’s Forces permanently.

A Few days ago the CIA ordered US Special Forces to send over 40 Tons of Chlorine Gas to Syria and literally use it to stir up trouble across the seas in Syria and South Western Russia - specifically Dagestan.

Russia immediately had a meeting with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff leader General Dunford and told him and his “Entourage’” that if the US creates another “Incident” in the Middle East Russia will begin sinking our ships and obliterate US forces in the Middle East.


Please pray that the US Military has the Guts to contain the CIA leaders.

For over a century there has been a Psy-Ops force working for every major power using Out Of Body (Remote Sensing) techniques by soldiers not only to observe the “Enemy” but also to conduct battles among these “Warriors” in the Astral Plane.

What this means is that nothing is hidden from any government - that every move one nation makes is watched, and sometimes countered, by the other. So the movement of tons of Chlorine Gas from the United States by the CIA to anywhere is now being fully watched.

When the Soviet Union fell this program also fell but has now been fully rebuilt by the Russians so when the US defends the King Dollar with regional conflicts the  are now seen and countered.

Even the “New Middle Eastern Plan” by the CIA to rebrand rebels across the Middle East as “Freedom Fighters” has already been exposed world wide - all except here in the US and Canada.

All will be revealed in the last days.

These soldiers traveling across the Astral Plain cannot be every where all the time so some things do slip through the cracks - like the next attempts on President’s Putin or Trump.

Remember - Lucifer cannot read minds nor can he and his evil minions be everywhere all the time and their power is very limited.

Pray the CIA’s Plan to create a Gas Attacks across the Middle East and in Russia fails to materialize and those involved just walk away.


US Senator Randy Paul has spent the last 24 hours reading the New 2,232 page Federal Budget and does not like what he is reading.

Apparently one man wrote it and expects everyone in Congress to bow down to Lucifer and sign it.

Just printing it took many hours and several reams of paper and President Trump may not sign it - So Lucifer may get his Government Shut Down after all.

Here are some highlights he has tweeted:

1) The nearest thing to Immortality is a government program.

2) Remember last years $350,000 grant to determine if Japanese Quail are more sexually promiscuous on Cocaine.

3) $12 Million for Countering State disinformation and Pressure?

4) $5 Million for Vietnam Education Foundation Grants

5) $1.371 Billion for Contributions to International Organizations.

Ever winder how George Soros is funded?

6) $51 Million to promote International Family Planning and Reproductive Health - this means abortions.

7) $15 Million in Development Assistance to China?

8) Unlimited Dollars to “Enhance Boarder Security” in Jordan Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia???

9) No money shall be spent for Permanent stationing of US forces in Afghanistan.

Our forces have been there now for over 40 years - so what does Permanent mean.


Pray that President Trump does not sign this farce of a bill.

Tomorrow we may discuss that a “Financial Reset” may look like with Bob Kyola - and you are not going to like it hwat they have planned for all of us.


1) European Union (Corporation)  approved the merger between the Bayer Company and Monsanto.

Please pray the 366 lawsuits against Monsanto for Murder go forward - the Law calls it “Wrongful Death.”

2) President Trump’s Helicopter broke again - this time it was carrying Ivanka Trump and Jarred Kushner - and had to return to the Airport after one of it’s engines failed - which left their spokesman speechless. Apparently these choppers are all electronic - Opps!!!

President Trump - Sikorsky makes a Helicopter that uses Antigravity and a blade on top we have show on many occasions here on TV and on You Tube.

You might wish to ask for one of those.

3) In a hilarious story showing how worthless the UN really is - the United Nations Narcotics Control Board recently  issued it’s Annual Report stating they are “Deeply” concerned about the legalization of Marijuana and that these nations and states now legalizing Dope are in “Clear Violation” of Global Drug Controls.

Apparently Cannabis is covered in most international treaties and these treaties specifically state that the use of Cannabis for Non-Medical Purposes is not allowed.

Remember - you the American Tax Payer paid for about 85% of their budget.

Pray that the President Line Items out this UN organizations and tell them they can mind their own business and get out of ours.

From a personal standpoint - I find the smoking of Dope, and the use of Illegal Drugs, repulsive and always have. I have seen every friend I grew up with fry their brains on these drugs.

One joint laced with Bad Angel Dust and your toasted for life.

Yes - Immusist and our New SCENAR from Denas Pain Relief Store can allow your body to rebuild your brain - but how many people with fried brains can afford these products???

The real question is: What right does the UN in New York City have to tell some guy in Bohunk California not to some a Dope?

Do you want to take the Red Pill and learn the truth, or the Blue Pill and learn to live a lie???

Pray for President Trump’s safety.




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.

Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

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Dr William B. Mount


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