Friday, November 3, 2017

White House On Lockdown

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(100) White House On Lockdown - YouTube

First - thank you Virtual Shield for protecting this computer. Yeaaa.

The White House is on Lock down.

Some nut called in bomb threat claiming the bomb was on the North Lawn at 9:30AM DC Time.

Within minutes the man was in custody.

(((Sorry President Trump - President Putin - President Xi Jinping-we can no longer use You Tube to warn you. You might just want to change that in the future.)))

Funny how this came right after Jeb Bush announced that President Bush would be gone by December.

Jeb Bush - you are in big trouble.


Two Key witnesses to the False Flag in Vegas had their car hit with a Missile containing something that resembles Thermite.

Whether they were actually in the car - or weather they will appear in the next False Flag - remains to be seen.

We will be watching intently.

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy CIA/SERCO.


1) Facebook has been working with the Department of Defense under Operation Minerva to test YOUR emotions after pummeling you with either good, or bad, news.

Yup YOU are the target for a DOD study to determine how to control you through Facebook.

Don’t think for one minute the study was limited to 689,000 users.

Project Minerva Directors now know how to make you angry or happy using Facebook.

How do YOU feel about being controlled by Facebook news and ads?

Turkey has been trading - in violation with the agreements they signed with NATO - in gold - with Iran.

So if you are in NATO or the Euro Nations and do not trade in Dollars you are violating the economic agreements set forth by the US Corporation and are thus prosecutable by the US (English) Maritime Court Systems.

Pretty Bizarre system we have set up world wide.


1) Natural News is setting up a testing facility for Non-THC Containing CBD oils. Apparently the pesticides they are using to grow the Dope are pretty toxic.

So if you smoke dope you are more than likely ingesting huge amounts of Pesticides that are extremely Carcinogenic.

See our video: THE CURE FOR CANCER

You have a right to know how to cure your own cancer, or Autism, Heart Disease, Alzheimers, etc.

We will discuss the benefits of CBD Oils later as we are currently researching their uses and where to get organic Non THC Containing CBD Oils.

2) California has just placed a 45% tax on Dope.

Yup - you legally buy it in California you will pay state taxes. That’s why it was legalized - to tax the heck out of it.

3) About a month ago the American Legion recommended smoking dope to help with PTSD.

Perhaps we need to face our worst fears and forgive those who sent us to some war rather than covering up the pain.

Harp music played 100% of the time eliminates the Night Mares.


1) The new Trump Tax Plan will reduced the taxes on almost all Americans as the Deductible Amounts are raised considerable and the IRS Income Tax Form 1040 Tax Form is also made extremely simple.

Further - if the Senate approves it - the corporate Tax Rate will go from 39% to 25%. Average US Workers Wages will rise well over $7,000 a year within one year - this is huge.

2) Coal Production is way up since the President eliminate the last president’s ban on coal mining.

3) US Steele manufacturing is up as new Autos must use US Manufacture Steele.

4) Manufacturing is up by over 5% in the Midwest as the New Tax Regulations are put into force

5) After the fake New York City False Flag President Trump is using this “Fake SERCO Story” to eliminate the importation of Immigrants who have a Felony record.

6) Finally - Iran has labeled the US as their worst enemy - and you wonder why the President has sanctioned mush or Iran’s Business Dealings.

Please continue to pray for the safety of President Trump and to eliminate the Obstacles that stand in his way of rebuilding America both financially and spiritually.

YOU make the difference.



Please pray that we can keep feeding folks across America and our channel remains in tact.






Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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