Thursday, November 23, 2017

America's 1st Thanksgiving - The Real Story


Years ago in a small town named Scrooby England people like you and me would meet in the Great House every Sunday to Worship the Living GOD.

(732) America's 1st Thanksgiving - The Real Story - YouTube

The King could not believe that people would actually worship GOD without being a member of the Anglican Church. After all - did the apostle Peter not come to London to establish the Church here - the Rock Upon Which Christ would build his church?

(Actually - Peter's First Church Is Still Standing In CrimeA Russia - I Have Seen It)

Mathew 5: 10 Yeshua told the Apostles to go to the lost tribes of Israel and they were in Libya and Iraq. He Apostle Peter preached up inot Syria and the Crimean Peninsula and up into Russia. 

So the King sent out Spies all across the land to find out if these “Rumors” were true.

When these spies reached Scrooby the town was so very small that everyone recognized these spies and every time they came the immediately broke up the Religious Services.

Plans were then made to leave England and perhaps settle in Holland where one could worship GOD without being part of the English Official Church.

The first attempt to leave England by around 50 Pilgrims was met with Disaster as the English Soldiers were tipped off and arrested these - these - Traitors and jailed them for 3 months.

The Second Attempt to leave England was also met with disaster as the Ship’s Captain sold out the Pilgrims and again the King’s Soldiers came and arrested all of them for 3 months.

On the third attempt a ship finally came and carried them to Leiden, Holland.

There they lived as Laborers as many more “Pilgrims” left for Holland It was a hard life in this new country and many,  many returned to England but many stayed.

In July of 1620 - 102 of these “Pilgrims” went on a boat named the Mayflower to this “New World” to start a new life.

After 65 days on the ocean they began exploring the coast line - looking for food and water.

Finally they settled on moving into a piece of land that had been a native village only two years ago. Before thy left the ship they wrote the Mayflower Compact - a thank you to God and to the King of England for allowing them to settle here in the New Land.

That winter they began building their “Great House” (20 by 20) where food and protection was available. The Pot was always full there with Clams, Oysters, Crabs and whatever they could find yet many of them died that winter.

In March of the next year only 47 of the original 102 were alive.

As they began to plant their crops a Native named Squanto appeared to the Colonist and he spoke perfect English. He had been capture two years earlier - brought to the Queen of England, used a guide on a ship back to this New Land and escaped - swimming ashore back to his home - only to watch his entire family die that year from some strange disease. He then went back to live with his other relatives in another village.

Squanto soon brought back the leader of all 11 local Tribes - all apparently Viking Descendants - and the Chief Massasoit adopted this “Pilgrim Tribe” as his 12th lost tribe Tribe.

In the fall the leader of the New Colony asked his people to conduct the Biblical “Harvest Festival” and thank GOD - as it says to do in the Old Testament - by celebrating with a large feast.

In the fall of 1621 the Colonists gathered with the Local Indians and held a feast. There were deer, Turkeys and Chickens, and a pot full of Oysters and Clams collected by the children all in a large pot in the Main House for all to eat.

At one point the leader of the Pilgrim Colonies marched 10 men and fired their Muskets all at once - which scared most of the Indians and they had to be brought back to the feast by the Chief himself.

As a side note - Forks did not begin arriving at the colony until a few years later - after our First Thanksgiving.

For over 50 years the Pilgrims lived peacefully with their brothers and traded Cotton Clothing for furs. It was not until the English Puritans Came that this relationship deteriorated somewhat.

It was not until 3 October of 1863 that President Lincoln declared the last Thursday of every month as a “Day Of Thanksgiving And Praise To our Beneficent Father Who dwelleth In The Heavens.”

Fast forward 396 years  and we find President Trump & Declaring today as Thanksgiving - a day of thanks.

The President and his wife also spent Thanksgiving hosting members of our Military in the White House as the Vice President and his wife had dinner at a Military Hospital. In other worlds - they are both safe - thank you Secret Service.

So as you sit back and relax today - remember those who came before you to prepare the way and remember to give thanks for what you have.

And a personal Thank You from Jane and I for watching this video and helping feed people by watching this video.

All dollars earned here help feed people wherever they may be.

Thank you from us and from people you will never meet who today have a full belly.

Pray that GOD blesses your family in the coming year and that you are ready for whatever comes.


The True Story of Thanksgiving - Saints & Strangers Article - National Geographic Channel

Pilgrims (Plymouth Colony) - Wikipedia

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