Thursday, November 9, 2017

Deep State In Confusion As It All Hangs Out

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Before we begin our story we are asking you to be careful when you invest in Cryptos and Gold and Silver.

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The Deep State is in total Panic Mode as everything it does is being exposed and then shut down.

First - Wikipedia let our a little bit of truth: “NSA Commission of the Bundestag - the German Congress.

The NSA has a Commission in every single Congress on the Planet.

Using Microsoft Programs they literally, with the Director of National Intelligence and the  Defense Mapping Agency, and using the CIA as the Toys Boys (Fudge Boys of Langley) they literally control this planet.

So please pray that their leadership either repents or turns towards GOD or are taken off this planet immediately and forever.

So lets look at an old story where the CIA poisoned an entire town in France with LSD and the towns people thought it was Ergots Disease in their Barley and blamed the Town Baker.

This experiment has been conducted over and over again in places across the world such as the US Berkeley Campus in the late 1970’s.

In response to these Early tests the CIA created huge amounts of Fake Studies indicating Fluoride is good for out water through the use of Frequencies pumped through the TV’s, Radios, Movies and now the Internet have literally dumbed down an entire population across the world.

What this tell us is that those working for these agencies have no Morals - complete Psychopaths.

That being said it is easy to understand what we see the stories surfacing that we see.

First; The US Gross Domestic Product is now around $18 Trillion an year - of which $3.6 Trillion (1/5th) is being spent on Health Care and another $10 Trillion on various “Government Nanny State Departments.”

This does not include the Secret Defense Spending where dollars are just created out of thin air and then spent.

That leaves around $4.4 Trillion for around 310 Million people - of which over half goes to the top 1%.

So around 120 Million Working Americans must share around $2.2 Trillion Real Dollars which leaves the Average Worker around $7,300.00 real dollars to spend. As a result - retail is collapsing.

Please keep in mind what is happening today is all planned by the Elites in Zug Switzerland and London England - and implemented through Microsoft Computer Programs used by the NSA and other “US” Intelligence Agencies.

What we are seeing in Venezuela - a complete financial breakdown of a nation - is about to come to America as the King Dollar is displaced by the Chinese Yuan.

The Deep State is so devious that the are now implanting Human Brains in rats in order to extend their reach. Imagine - Mice and Rat Intel Agents - this is their intent. Unbelievable Evil.

In Saudi Arabia - a State that sponsors huge amounts of Terrorism to gain power under their Wahabi (Kazar Cabal) “Islamic” religion - working with a faction of the CIA and US Military they are killing much of their Royalty and seizing their bank accounts in order to raise as much as $1 Trillion Dollars to keep this Saud state alive.

The Saudi Arabian war with Yemen to seize their Oil Wells has failed, their attempted war with Lebanon to seize their Opium Fields will fail, and their attempt to seize the Oil Wells in Syria has failed.

Now the International Courts are homing in on the last 4 Presidents and opening investigations for War Crimes across the planet.

Further - President Trump has reopened Communications with the Russian Leaders to stop this march to a conflict that would turn this planet into Wiffle Dust.

As President Trump is meeting with the Chinese King Xi Jinping to help try and stabilize the world’s currencies before they go bust and to force the Chinese to agree to their original Bargain and contain the Nutcases who lead North Korea.

Further - the doors are closing in on the US Democratic Racist Demos as the FBI raids a huge body part factory in Beaverton Oregon - who’s Owners have been toed to some pretty bad dealings with the Frazzled Rat.

Apparently - according to Retired Colonel Field McConnell -- both the Frazzled Rat and Mitt Romney’s Wife have been smuggling kids up into Canada just north of the Idaho Boarder to make Child Porn and Child Snuff films to put on the Elite’s Computers through Stock Tips just in case they talk.

Now they might have found one of the Factories where the dispose of the Dead Bodies - time will tell.

One last thing President Trump is examining in China - their desire to start building Underground Cities openly to protect their citizens for what is coming as the Sun Enlarges and we go through a cooling phase. Quite a combination.

China wants a nation as the Earth’s Sun changes.

Never in my life have we ever seen a time where the US Army Retirement System in Fort Knox  unable to enter a Birth Certificate to correct a Birthdate in an Officer and Ambassador, never have we seen the VA charging it’s 100% Physically Disabled Veterans tens of thousands of Dollars for Service Connected Injuries just to get Bonuses, or have we seen massive crop failure due to making GMO crops that cause cancer in Humans, or the US Treasury making up $5-10 Trillion Dollars a month in US Treasury Notes.

It is as if our entire world is headed towards CHAOS as the Lucifarians have planned.

Let’s Pray that we can reverse these actions and bring about a New World with Peace without this coming World Wide Economic Collapse and that those responsible either repent or are removed immediately from Planet Earth.

YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.




Please pray that we can keep feeding folks across America and our channel remains in tact.






Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

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