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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Russian Hysteria - Follow The Money

Welcome to the smartest, most active, and the most loving audience in the world.

We started this channel to garnish prayer to change to help save America and stop the coming World Conflict and so far, so good.

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(906) Russian Hysteria - Follow The Money - Big Oil - YouTube


After several thousand more Emails were leaked we have learned where this “Russian Hysteria” has come from.

Valery Solovi - Professor at the Moscow State International Institute of International Relations, run by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Harvard Of Russia) created this entire Russian Hysteria.

This Hysteria - we might add - includes the elimination of President Putin as the leader of Russia.

Working with US Air Force Three Star General Robert Otto - Part of the US Bureau of Intelligence Research - created this entire Russian Hysteria and then:

Used SERCO and Entrust to notify all Main Stream Fascist Media.

After he was busted he immediately resigned and went to work for

Are You Ready???

Black Hills Corporation

Which began as a Small electrical Company and by overcharging it’s customers now owns 169 Billion Cubic Feet of Oil and Natural Gas.

With Putin Gone this Oil Company was planning to sell their Oil and Natural Treated Natural Gas (LNG) to Europe - displacing the Russian Oil Company GAZPROM.

Are you surprised????

Please pray that this Public Utility returns the $Billions of Dollars to their Electrical Customers they have stolen over the last 115 years.

Please also pray that President Trump can continue to Drain The Swamp just like President Lincoln did just after taking office.

President Lincoln arrested 14,000 traitors - including Governors and Congressman - and shut down hundreds of Newspapers and Magazines for committing Treason.

Remember - the Democrats support slavery and they created the Civil War in 1860 and are creating another Civil War today.

Please pray that President trump can cut off their funding and arrest their Treasonous leaders no matter where they are hiding.

1) In Other News:  China has killed a Nobel Prize Winner.

Liu Xaiobo wro in 2008 that he would like the Chinese Government to adopt a Policy of Freedom of Speech.

He was arrested by the Red Chinese in 2009.

In 2010 the Nobel Peace Prize Corporation awarded him the Peace Prize.

Early in 2017 President trump petitioned the Chinese to release him into US Custody because he was very sick. He Chinese said no and then he died be with a Drug Overdose in Prison.


2) The Big H Strikes Again - This time killing the Pilot that overhead the conversation between Loretta Lynch and President “C” right before he was to testify about it.

Yup - Dmetri Noon, a Pilot working for the Justice Department for 25 years, was found dead. Details are not available.

Will the Big H Murders Never Cease?

Please pray that all those involved in his murder are brought to justice immediately and that they themselves repent before it is too late.


3) Our Demon Possessed Leadership has gone completely insane in America.

California has been found to have 7 electoral Votes that were created by Illegal Aliens.

In fact - several states have done this and there will now be a re-apportionment of these “Electorial Votes.”

4) Finally: Do not argue with Police. Here is a guy who tried to argue with both a Cop and his dog by attacking the cop - wrong thing to do.

Kudos to the Cop - he did exactly what he should have done.

Please pray that your family is safe in the coming months and ask GOD to help with your finances - HE does hear you.

YOU are SOOOO important to GOD. You - form the confines of your house, your prayers are changing America. YOU.

Also pray that President Trump is successful in stopping all those who are committing Treason against the American People - including those elites who live in China, Russia, German, France, etc.

Again - like the old Radio and TV shows - this program is brought to you by Food For Liberty

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The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount



Hacked Government Emails Reveal “Fake News” Plot Destroying US Was Devised In Russia

Black Hills Corporation - Wikipedia

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BREAKING: Pilot Who Heard Every Word Of Clinton/Lynch Secret Meeting Breaks His Silence – Land Of The Free – Home Of The Brave

California driver licenses given to 800,000 undocumented immigrants

California should be stripped of Electoral College votes due to high number of illegals in the CA census –

Illegal Immigrants Distort Congressional Representation and Federal Programs


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