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Monday, July 10, 2017

Comey, Comey, Comey - What Are They Hiding

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Recently it has been all over the news that Former FBI Director James Comey has leaked more Secret and Confidential Information to the Press.

This is clearly, in James Comey’s own words, a violation of the Exspionage Act and makes the former FBI Dorector guilty of Treason and Espionage.

So - he is not in jail and the DC Drama continues.

Comey, as GOD stated earlier - will never get any rest from now through all eternity for what he has done.

What are they hiding?        

Just how bad the US Economy really is.    

Granted - President Trump has already added over 1 Million Manufactuting Jobs to the economy since he took office by opening up the Iron and Coal Mines and Oil Fields - but it is not enough to erase 40 years of Liberalism.

In the article: “Yellen Goes On Record : The Feds Pulling the Plug This Year” we learn that Janet Yellen is about to pull huge amounts of currency out of the economy - causing what seems to be a slow down in growth - or, in reality, a speeding up of the declines in our economy.

Currently the Federal Reserve System is issuing around $10 Trillion dollars worth of Bond and Bills every month - which are now being purchased by Federal Reserve Banks - a very odd move indeed.    

These US Treasury Bills are “Toxic” and pollute your investments and are now being issued to be cashed in.

Like the $500 Million Dollar Russian Bond I currently Hold you all saw in a previous video “Putin - This One’s For You” - one cannot cash in these bonds.

They were not meant to be redeemed - only issued. They are worthless investments.

You would have more value in a rock than a Large US Treasury or Russian Treasury Note of Bill.

As for the around the world:

The German Economists have just told the Federal Reserve Folks, and those in the US who support this insanity, to “Get Lost” to put in mildly and this is forcing most of the world to look towards China and Russia to start their Gold Backed Currencies.

What that means here at home to you and I is the loss of more jobs and the real possibility that a 20% yearly increase in food (((as has been the case for the last 7 years - right after the last president took office))) may accelerate to an uncontrollable level.

We may see foreign foods double in price over the next year.

Let’s pay that President Trump brings us down in a “Soft Crash.”
In Other News:

1) Us Allie Saudi Arabia is currently Massacring It’s Own People.

For the past 60 days the Saudi Government has been slaughtering folks in Awamiya.



They are not paying enough taxes so the Saudi’s are killing them and are demanding all people practice Wahabism - a form of crying out to Allah while killing your neighbors.

In videos leaked to Facebook and the rest of the media they are apparently using White Phosphorus to drive people from their homes and then using 50 Caliber Machine Guns, tanks, and cannon to destroy their cities in this region - all are in violation of both International Treaties AND Treaties signed with the United States.

What this means is that in accordance with International law - Saudi Oil can no longer be purchased by nations adhereing to these Treaties.

Based on the Terror China is currently conducting towards the most North Eastern Province in India it appears China may be their next primary customer for oil in the future.

As for the Quatar/Saudi Stand Off - Quatar has recently realigned itself with Iran and they are jointly moving ahead with a Natural Gas deal with Russia.

It is likely the Saudi’s have the guts to tangle with Quatar any time soon as the Oil Companies now getting involved pay over 50,000 mercenaries world wide to run “THEIR PLANET.”

It appear the Saudi Power Struggle is about to lead to a new Government there.

2) The oldest mosaic of Bible’s Jonah has been found in Galilee.

A mosaic depicting the biblical story of Jonah has recently  been uncovered in a Synagogue in Huqoq - just south of Galilee.

Further - a Tile Mosaic of the Greek Sun God Helios has also been uncovered and a Mosaic of the building of the Tower of Babble.

3) Finally - Prepare For a large incoming Sun Spot.

Just be sure in the coming months to have a hat and Sun Glasses on hand when you go outside amnd also drive.

I also find wearing a Magnet of any type helps me when I drive.


Please pray that your family has enough food for what is coming this fall and spring.

Please also pray that the Elites Repent and stop this Insanity and attempt at - well - World Conflicts involving Presidential Assassinations and the complete destruction using 20+ KT  Firecrackers falls flat on it’s face.

Don’t kill my presidents. Don’t crack this planet in half.


Thank you You Tube for hosting me.


The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

Trump: "Comey Leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION To The Media. This Is So Illegal" | Zero Hedge

Yellen Goes on Record: The Fed's Pulling the Plug This Year | Zero Hedge

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Media Silent as US Ally Saudi Arabia Massacres Its Own People

Two dead in Saudi town ‘siege’ against Shia militants | The Independent

Oldest Mosaic of Bible’s Jonah Found in Galilee – Prophecy in the News

Current Solar Data: NOAA data






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