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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Huge Nuclear Leak At Hanford - Again

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(4969) Another Huge Radiation Leak At Hanford - YouTube

There has been yet another Massive Nuclear Leak at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

It seems that after we did our initial Story on Hanford they have and a Nuclear Emergency about every month.

This Nuclear Reservation - this Octopus of Death - is literally falling apart.

In a private discussion with someone very close to the situation we saw..

1) Barrels of Nuclear Material completely dissolved

2) Trenches along the Columbia River where Nuclear Rods are dissolved leaking directly into the Columbia River - the bottoms and sides of the Cement Tanks had crumbled.

3. Train Car Loads of Nuclear Material headed to Bonner’s Ferry to be dumped on the Forests - polluting Northern Idaho Water with HUGE amounts of Nuclear Radiation and a Governor who does not care one little bit about it.

Governor C.L “Butch” Otter - you get the Golden Poop Award from this Ambassador you murdering freak.

4) Again - the Entire Water Well System on the Spokane Indian Reservation is contaminated with Plutonium - a man made product - as trucks from Hanford dump huge amounts of Dissolved Nuclear Rods at Wellpinit and into other Old Silver Mines.

Governor Jay Inslee you get the Super Golden Poop Award from this Ambassador for allowing this.

5) Further - huge amounts of radiation are now leaking into the Columbia River from these Dissolved Nuclear Tanks. They dump the Used Rods into the tanks, dump in the radiation - and the entire slurry has leaked into the Columbia River by morning.

For over 50 years the Columbia River has so much radiation it rises in Temperature 2* after it passes Hanford - and now it is also very radioactive .

The Radiation Levels in the Columbia at the Blue Bridge - something they have been measuring daily now fro over 70 years - is now spiking.

You see - Nuclear Radiation dissolves everything.

In 1945 at Hiroshima during the Atomic Blast a Taylor’s Shop was destroyed. His Sewing Machine blown into the River. When he came back a week later to recover this Sewing Machine it dissolved in his hands.

We spoke to a Nuclear Expert several weeks ago and here is what he said: Our Nuclear Facilities across the globe are literally falling apart. Walls are collapsing, built up gas pockets blowing up, floors turning to dust.

Our Nuclear Powered Naval Ships last 20 - 40 years before the core begins to melt down. Many of our Nuclear Facilities are over 60 years old and they too are literally dissolving and have absorbed so much radiation the employees are dying of cancer at younger and younger ages.

To eliminate the radiation they can:

1) Hit a site with lightning 15 - 20 times and their radiation is discharged

20 Bring in Radionics Machines to dissolve the radiation

3) Use Brown’s Gas to dissolve the Radioactive Material

4) Deny Everything and continue to watch cancer rates sky rocket world wide.

Please pray that those in, and around Hanford - eat Sea Weed and Immusist - as these products have been shown to CURE cancer.

In other news -

1) The Office if Management and Budget - (OMB Corporation) has put out a Preliminary Federal Budget for 2018 -- The First Budget in 9 years.

The Preliminary Federal Budget is set for around $3.9 Trillion Dollars assuming a 3% Growth Rate. Yea - Right.

Deficits will go from $1.5 Trillion Per Year to around $600 Billion.

This budget may be trimmed another $600 Billion by October as few will now accept the US Dollar.

Social Security for Retirees will not be cut, although the Medical Programs will be.

If you are on Welfare - time to get a Job.
2) In a remarkable move - President Trump met with 55 Muslim Nation and the real topic was the Acceptance of the US Dollar over the next 8 years.

Rather than a Huge Economic Crash President Trump is going to slowly sut the Federal Budget as he signs Treaties to force over 60 Nations on Earth to continue to accept US Dollars for Payments AND opens the door for the rebuilding of their infrastructures using THEIR money and American Companies AND opens the door for them to build factories in America using American Steel, American Workers and American Products.

If they do not comply their Regimes are overturned.

Two more Campaign Promises Fulfilled

Ta Da Trump

3) The  Prime Minister of Britain told the EU - they are not succumbing to their demands and will leave the Euro Nations with NO payments due to the EU.

4) Bye to Super Station 95.

Google has purposely lied about the number of people visiting their website and cut their ad budgets. They are closing their Internet Page.

If you expect to make money by telling the truth on You Tube, or other News Sites - forget it - that ship has sailed.

Here we do not want your money - just your prayers.

Please pray that your family is protected in the coming years.

Please also pray that those who live near Hanford learn about eating Immusist and Sea Weed to reverse their Cancers and Neurological Diseases they now have due to this Radiation.



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Dr William B. Mount


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