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Monday, May 8, 2017

French Voter Fraud Elects Macron President


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You read that correctly.

Despite polls putting La Pen ahead of Macron by a 2 to 1 margin, massive voter fraud has now elected the Former Rothchild’s banker as their new President.

What this means is that France will try and stick it to England in their bid to leave the Euro and that Terrorist Activity in France will increase through Serco Created False Flags as millions of African Refugees will now flood into France.

The Voter Fraud was not even hidden.

It is unbelievable how open these Elites now are about appointing their minions to run Planet Earth into the ground.

Please pray that all those involved in voter Fraud in both America and France either repent or are utterly and totally destroyed immediately.

This Voter Fraud in France was huge - just in the two articles we show you :

1) Half a million French Voters who are overseas all voted twice for “Macron the Fraud.”

2) Millions of Le Pen votes were ripped - making them “Invalid.”

France - Your leadership has turned against you.

Pray that the French Parliament strips the Now President “Macron the Fraud” of any power he might otherwise have had.

It is a very sad day for France.

In other news - back in the USA - the system that collects on Defaulted student loans is broken and came to a stand still.

Over 91,000 accounts are in Limbo due to a recent ruling by the Department of Education.

We recommend that you do not spend the money that was not collected - but leave it there in your bank account just in case the US Department of Education changes it’s mind.

What throws a wrench into the mess is that Late Fees and Late Charges are apparently being charged to those now unable to pay on their College Loans. If not fixed soon a $10,000 debt could, for example,  easily become $20,000 in less than a year.

The Ruling came about when 2 Collection Agencies filed a Law Suit because they were “Unfairly” fired several years ago due to poor performance.

So if you are paying on a a $10,000 College Loan - say - $300 a month - you will now find huge Late Fees and charges tacked onto your already high bill and these may be several hundred dolars a month. When this is all settled the amount may double to around $600 per month for the next 5 years.

Now keep in mind that when you defaulted on your loan that loan was insured so the lender was paid in full - so you are paying on a debt that has already been paid off.

So when President Clinton Collateralized  College Loans under the “Higher Education Amendments of 1998” and made it illegal to declare bankruptcy against these loans he set in motion huge consequences for future low income Americans.

Judge Susan Braden has extended the order not to collect on Student Loans several times and there is apparently no fix in sight.

So prepare for more kids to move in with their parents as those Low Income Americans go into Debt Slavery for life.

Finally - Former Reagan Administrative Assistance “David Stockman” warns of a Final Collapse of the American Dollar between August to November - gee - just what GOD stated days ago here.

Funny how they all try and take credit for what GOD has already stated.

Kodo’s to Greg Hunter for his great interview with David.

As an interviewer Greg Hunter gets a 10 out of 10 on my book.


Get ready for what may come - Be Ready.

This morning I put Mega Meals Shake Mix  from Food For Liberty in my coffee so I will not be hungry until after noon.

You  order it by calling 855-705-4273 or going through our video and giving the promo code “Mount” and save 10% on all Numana and Legacy Foods and many of the Heaven’s Harvest Foods.

Dave gave us this deal because when the chips were down we refused to abandon him.

“These Colors Don’t Run” just because somebody has a hard time starting a business.

Please pray that those trying to destroy America are themselves destroyed in their evil

Please also pray that your family is protected.

Finally - please Pray that those in the Seattle VA who wish President Trump Dead and are actively working to shut us down so we cannot warn him cease and desist with their activities.

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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1998 Amendments to Higher Education Act of 1965

Former Reagan Administration Official Is Warning Of A Financial Collapse Some Time ‘Between August And November’ – InvestmentWatch


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