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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trumpster Bikers Arrive In DC In Mass


VIDEO:Trumpster Bikers Arrive In DC In Mass - YouTube

Tens of thousands of bikers are now arriving in Washington dc for the inauguration fun.

These paid protesters, paid in part by a known Cop Killer Bill Ayers, are now being handed checks to begin Anti-Trump protests across the United States.

We had a saying when I was in Law Enforcement:

Cop Killers have no rights, and those who protect them are even worse.

These Bikers are all Pro-Trump and Anti-Cop Killers.

Local Law Enforcement - treat them as your friends AND Allies - for the world is watching.

Biker Josh Metcalf, interviewed by Superstation 95, stated: “We voted for Trump and he won, fair and square. Some folks are throwing temper tantrums about it, and threatening to “Cluster Fuck” the event. Anyone who tries it is in for a rude awakening.”

Mitch Amzak: “We won’t throw the first punch - but when their side does - and we’re sure they will - all bets are off and we move. The results are not going to be pretty for the Snowflakes.

Franco: If everything stays peaceful. That’s great. If not, the trouble makers should know that we bikers don’t fight - we go to war --- a whole bunch of people could get seriously fucked-up.”

A Note From Me to the Local Law Enforcement Folks: Do Not Screw This One Up. The Trumpster Bikers Are Here To Assist You. If You Do Screw s One Up DC Law Enforcement There Will Be Decades Of Retaliation Against Cops Nation Wide. Do Not Screw This One Up.

If You Screw This One Up - All Local Police Station may loose all Federal Funding Within 24 hours.

So go ahead Snowflakes, Cop Killer Supporters, and Paid Terrorist - throw your temper tantrum but expect to be spanked in an Adult Manner.


In other news:

1) Clinton Foundation caught in $145 Million Scandal with Russia. Yup, Russian paid the Clinton Foundation $145 Million to own 1/6th of America’s Uranium.

It’s called Treason under USC 18.

I guess this sort of snuffs the Investigation about Russia swaying the US elections by the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, DNI, NSA and Treasury Department.

Tomorrow their Directors - these Bonehead NAZI Freaks - all get their Pink Slips - all but perhaps the NSA.

Keep in mind that there are an awful lot of Patriots in these organizations that do not want to see Planet Earth crack in half and are diligently working to seriously stop those NAZI Pigs at the top.
2) One of Hillary’s Friends - Dominic Puoplo - who threatened to Kill Donald Trump - is now sitting behind bars.

We must wonder what they are going to do to the Mormon Jesuit Glenn Beck - who used to work in the same studios I did back in 2008 before he bragged of becoming a Jesuit and being offered $50 Million Per Year to join  FOX News.

Remember him saying he would stab the Trumpster over and over and over again?
3) The US Department of Justice has just been ordered by Obama To Preserve Hillary’s Gmail records.
4) Tomorrow will be a seriously rude awakening to so many Left Wing Satanic NAZI News Broadcasters who have trashed the Trumpster. As soon as the take over of the American Press is complete and the truth comes out - they all get fired and face serious Jail Time.

This may include the owners of many Alternate Media Outlets.

It’s a Felony to commit Treason, USC 18.

Mainstream Media Moguls

5) As for Joe Biden’s Speech yesterday where he stated the Trumpster threatens the ‘Collapse Of The Liberal International Order.”

We will remember this when you run for President in 2020.
6) Sergio Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs,  pointed out yesterday that it was this “Liberal International NAZI Order” that supported Hillary and came against the Trumpster.

Personally - I have followed this man in the media for 10years an I have never known him to lie. It is not in his character and he is a staunch supporter of an Independent Russia. When he is free to implement the changes GOD gave him then most of the Former Soviet Union will re-unite.

7) Finally, the King of North Korea threatens to fire a US Made Nuclear Armed ICBM, given to North Korea about 7 years ago by Hillary.

We did several stories about this on TV. Their Leader is absolutely insane and the world will now reign him in.
One final question: Who cares who exposed Hillary for Murder, Treason, Theft, Election Law Violations, etc - why is she not in jail???


Please pray that every evil deed ordered by these Satanic NAZIs in power fails immediately.

Please also pray that your family is ready.



Pray that tomorrow goes smoothly.

A Note for The Trumpster: There will be two CIA Hit Teams out to shot you as you arrive in DC. I have been assured they will be contained.

CIA - Please keep in mind that you will Cease and Desist in any more Anti Trump activities or you may go away - GOD is now on our side. When you go away it may be with Prejudice.

If you work for the CIA - stop these insane plots to kill the Trumpster.

As for you Snowflakes - you are done. Your Mental Disability from and Refugee Pay at $4,500 a month from Social Security, your Welfare Payments, are over - the world will no longer fund it.


The News You Need

Dr William B . Mount



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