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World Wide Conflict Accelerates


Please begin by praying that these stories are not blocked - not censored in any way -


The Video:   World Wide Conflict Accelerates - YouTube

The Syrian war has been going on for many, many years now..

We know that the US started the war and is attempting to redesign the boarders in the Middle East so it began this insane war in the Middle East and it has been going on now since 9/11/2001 - 15 years.

The war accelerated when on February 24th  on this year  Two US Launched Missiles took out the Russian High Command in Syria during a very important meeting - dozens of Russian Generals were killed

We warned the Russians but - they took NO heed to these warning from the Living GOD.

About a week ago the US Launched a 1 hour attack on a Syrian Base - a Base containing Syrian Soldiers and Russian Soldiers and at least one Russian General

The very next day Russia took out the US Underground Command Center in Aleppo Syria - a City of over 2 ½ Million now reduced to 50,000 people.  This base contained  High Ranking Soldiers of at least 5 different nations and several hundred US Intelligence Officers - not 50.

Two nights ago we heard a man on Rick Wiles Show named Dr Raul Borges - a Medical Doctor working for the Red Cross Blood Bank in Puerto Rico - claim a Meteor was headed for the oceans between Florida and Puerto Rico to obliterate the Caribbean Islands and kill many people in the US along the Coastal Regions of the South Eastern US.

We immediately notified President Putin by Private Email, the Russia Air Force, the Israeli Defense Force to stop this supposed “Meteor - a US Air Based Nuke.

We also warned President Obama on his Face Book Page not to launch this “Nuclear Missile.”

You never saw the Missile or Meteor - did you???

The world Owes Rick Wiles and his hosts a great bit of gratitude for saving millions of lives world wide for his efforts.

Dr. Morales Borges working for the Red Cross (CIA Owned) further stated the following:

A)…12+ Earthquake on US East Coast planned for 4 October to obliterate the Eastern Sea Board - so Obama can cancel Elections

B)… We have been told that this may be when the US Plans on sending in an Underwater Torpedo to the “Island De La Palma” of the off of the African Coast to cause it to fall into the ocean - creating a Huge Tidal Wave set to kill Hundreds of Millions of people around the world - from Spain to Maine.

This US Submarine is from the fleet just North of Katchikan Alaska and is a very new US Submarine Design -- that can actually be cloaked but the wake behind it can be detected.

They were Russian Allies From “OUT OF TOWN” who stepped in and neutralized the Nuke upon launch from above Oregon. It was supposed to “Streak Across America” and land in the ocean.

C)…On the 19th of November I think he said that the President of Puerto Rico Alejandro Padilla was then to be killed.

Please keep in mind that Puerto Rico is unincorporated and their current president - which that can not vote for - is Barrack Obama and the bonds they defaulted on are US Treasury Bonds.

D)…December 4th - a US vs China/Russian War where the Nukes Fly.

Please keep in mind two things:

1st: Obama #4 is a Speech Reader - that is all. It is his CIA Handlers that are running the US Corporation.

2: The Original “Hellry” is Brain Dead and in a coma - caused by her “Fake Collapse.” She later collapsed while drinking a glass of wine and laughing at us “LITTLE PEOPLE.”

3- “Hellry” and her 3 Doubles are connected with a Computer Ship located in their Frontal Lobes so all 3 Doubles are also effected.

4. Out comes the Unconnected 40 year old “Hellry” saying “Hi, Nice Day” to every one - she is very stupid, has no gravel in her voice, and no wart on her left lip.

If the debate occurs tomorrow night it will be with a Stupid and Young Hellry

5: All Trump has to do to destroy Hellry and end the debate with a huge win is say: “That’s Not Hellry, where is the real Hellry?”
Enough - we need prayer.

Pray for your families and be ready folks

Pray that Lucifer and his minions are completely neutralized and pray that President Clnton comes and we will heal him and turn him back to GOD.
For You Intel Geeks:

You know where the Real Noah’s Arc is - it was show in the 1974 movie “In Search Of Noah’s Arc” which you pulled.

You have the Egyptian Golden Chariot Wheel  in the back of the museum - but you dare not move that

You are too stupid to ask where Queen Nephrotiti’s Left Eye at El Amarnen is where all of the Syrias A Technology is stored

You have never come to ask where in Iran the oldest and most powerful military base is either

Your top secret military base “The Castle” in the Ocala National Forest is of no help in your searches nor are the “Top Secret” weapons they are currently testing

Finally - Israel - if you want to move the Arc Of the Covenant - which sits under the exact place where Yeshua was crucified - you might want to call and ask. Otherwise - there will be large amounts of destruction that will begin within your boarders. So GOD has said it, so it shall begin.

You morons should not have tried to kill President Putin 8 times - and then blasted a base containing at least one general - bad move CIA

The News YOU Need

Dr William B. Mount


The Interview With The Red Cross Doctor:

TRUNEWS 09/23/16 Dr. Raul Morales Borges | A Fireball is Coming

May GOD bless Rick Wiles and his Cohosts - Millions of people owe their lives to them for their efforts.

U.S. Admits Airstrike in Syria, Meant to Hit ISIS, Killed Syrian Troops - The New York Times

Ocala National Forest - Home

New Middle East:

Puerto Rican Government:

Puerto Rico Government

PresidentBarack H. Obama (since 20 January 2009)
Vice President  Joseph R. Biden (since 20 January 2009)
GovernorAlejandro García Padilla
Resident CommissionerPedro Pierluisi
President of the SenateEduardo Bhatia
Speaker of the House of RepresentativesJaime Perelló


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