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Friday, September 2, 2016

Censorship In America??? - C & D



VIDEO: OMG! Can We Say That? Cuss & Discuss - YouTube

In the past You Tubers and those who blog have been free to talk about anything as long as it was not vulgar or a lie.

Things have changed now that Google and You Tube have now merged.

What does this mean to the content of the stories you read?

Well - we will have to re-title our videos to avoid using terms that they do not approve of like… War, Hillary, Billary… and a dozen other words we are only now learning about

Does that mean our stories will be wishy washy????

Absolutely not.

We will, as a team of viewers, learn to get the truth in this new Politically Correct Environment.

This is YOUR channel and we will learn to adapt - not assimilate - but adapt.
Since this is the Smartest, most active audience in the world it is likely that there will not be a problem.

Further - our Cover Pictures will be a little bit more “Cutesey” (Boaring, Milk Toast) rather than hard hitting - so be aware of that.

You deserve the news - and we will get it to you somehow.

Rather than stating things outright we may make references - like calling Hillary: “Coo Coo Pants“, or the “Unpopular Candidate“, or the “NWO Presidential Candidate.”

For those of you know us we are unique - we talk about things that are about to occur to try and stop them. Our goal here is to prevent Presidential Assassinations, Nuclear False Flags, and the preservation of Freedom and America and to get America ready for whatever they can throw art us. For example -

1) 15 September (+- 3 Days) there will be another attempt on Obama - someone trying to charge him with a knife - to create a distraction for a Kidnapping - and if our stories are pulled or suppressed and the President is injured in any way it will not go well for those suppressing these stories.
2) There is another Nuke being brought into DC near the Washington Memorial - a small one - the size of a large soft ball - about 8 inches in diameter. It is scheduled to be left on 3 October but may be delayed for 2 weeks due to logistical issues. Now if this goes off and this story is suppressed then those messing with these stories will be in big trouble, right?

Either way - we still wish to comply with these new “Unknown” rules before they are fully implemented.

The stories of the day are:

1) $56 Million In Cocaine found in a Coke A Cola Factory in France

They put the Coke back in Coke

Actually - the Cocaine was not used in the Coke but in fact was secretly packaged in with other material

2) Jim Willie and the Dollar

A friend went shopping today in a Tourist Town and allot of the stores are closed.

She finally realized the Economy is - well - to be politically correct - Dying in the outhouse, down the drain, in poopsville, toast, Fried (Can we say that?)   ……

3) Hanjin Shipping lines are Bankrupt, ships are held in port and the inventory has been seized - they contain mostly electronics

You may kiss your Christmas TV good by

And you can kiss your F-15 Spare parts good by.

4) The Presidential debate may see The Trumpster discussing the issues with someone on a TV, or himself,  as the Other Candidate may be too “BUSY”  to appear at her own debate.

And never forget - we must stay politically correct

You do the math as to why she does not appear

5) There are also rumors floating around that the “Unpopular Candidate”  will try an Fake her own Assassination 23 September (+- 3 Days) and blame Donald, just like her staff tried several weeks ago (We all saw it on TV) when someone rushed the stage wile she was speaking. As you recall - we warned her 2 weeks earlier.

Obama: It’s all still George Bush’s Fault

6) Weather

Pensacola - Dead On
Savannah - Dead On
Charleston - Dead On
DC - Dead On

Just like we said a week ago before they turned 90* to the right

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
Be Ready:

All references were lost when this story was erased


Be ready folks:

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My apologies to Before Its News for a Racey Article. It has been cleaned yup - thank you.


  1. Hey Mr mount have been following for a while you should look into Lockheed/boeing industrial espionage of space x and the complete destruction O the Israeli/facebook satellite the 767 incident the same week at canaveral and the dis parity between the gold and silver markets and the urasian dollar sell off of dead bonds good work 😉

  2. you are costing a lot of listeners a good life by stating that the RV of 128 foreign currency is a CIA ploy,Thirty million people own these currencies now that are in the first package,and the pay out has started with Wells Fargo the lead bank.The Republic is in charge and the new US currency is out