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Monday, March 7, 2016

Trump - The Real War - Behind The Scenes

What you are about to learn is the Real War that is going on concerning the election of Donald Trump as the next president.

Video:Trump - The Real War Behind The Scenes - YouTube

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount
Mormon Mafia and Jesuit Assassins Target Freemason Leader Donald Trump

Trump snubs CPAC, cancels appearance so he can campaign in Kansas - The Washington Post

Feds Investigate Glenn Beck For Trump Threat | The Daily Caller

To Understand Pope Francis, You Need To Know About The Jesuits

Donald Trump Freemasonic Forces Target Marco Rubio-Jeb Bush “Cocaine Empire”

Donald Trump Freemason Forces Retaliate Against Vatican, Kill Pope Francis Secretary

The Bush Crime Family And Their Destruction Of America

Marco Rubio - Gay Bubble Bath Orgie:::::

Marco Rubio Dancing In A Gay Bar

Ted Cruz's Wife:

Look Closely - Ted Cruz Has Clones, just like Hillary and Obama:

Notice Protruding Chin, High Eye Brows:

Normal Cruz With Jowesl, normal chins::

Third Ted Cruz - Different Eye Brows:::

Benghazi: Hillary Kills An Ambassador:

Hillary kills a second Ambassador the same day - Japanese Ambassador to China:

Image result for japanese ambassador killed in china

Bernie Sanders Looks Crazy Insane All The Time:::

Even when younger::: Could he comb his hair??????

Motto of Adolf Hitler and Bernie and Hillary:

"The Need Of The Many Over The Rights Of The Individual" ....

That was printed on every NAZI coin  form 1939 - 1939

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